Sunday, September 17, 2006

New Balance Love (and hate)

I get some hate whenever I express my love for New Balance (but Doug Chopz knows nothing about anything, he told me the Funk Master Flex Lugz Driving show was hot, not even lying right now actually he never said that, but you know he thinks it), but I feel the need to represent. First off before even looking at the sneakers, you need to look at company ethics. Check out Nike's rep sheet on Sage Francis's new information driven website which breaks down all of your favorite brands and shows what there really about, compared to NB's (while your on the site check out Knowmores special report on American Apparel) But why all the hate on New Balance? Because a company for a while wasn't doing color-ways that popped and decided to dedicate their time on comfort (and you know that they feel good) because they knew that their clientele were primarily running enthusiasts? Respectable. Now they got the comfort thing down to a science, there isn't a pair of NB's out there that would give you slightest sensation of foot or ankle discomfort, real talk. Now there dropping the color schemes and the materials on me (NB been doing 3M for how long?) and I can't even get my hands on a pair, you want to talk limited? Its tough out here for a NB head in the states to be gawking at Europe & Japan releases only all day. Damn. So you thought this would going to be all out NB love, screw that. Until NB gets these color-ways to the states, I am a hater. Here are some pics of the past (The Crooked Tongues Gang) the present (The Purple Devil II) and the future. (Almond's)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an unlimited amount of hate for you, Funk Master Flex, New Balance... and Ricky.


2:05 PM  
Blogger Eff That said...


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