Sunday, September 17, 2006

Allergy Season

I feel the need to post this, I am not sure how Chris is going to feel about it, but I guess we will just play it by ear. I have this little problem and that little problem happens to be Allergies, I am not talking about me eating an apple and having to jam an epi pen into my thigh, I am talking about me stepping outside seeing the leaves starting to turn into their beautiful fall colors and then my whole nasal passage swelling up the point where the middle of my face feels like the middle of Rosie O'Donnels waist line. If your going through the same thing right now, here is some advice on how not to treat the situation. Do not wake up one day and say "hey, its a nice day to head to Brooklyn!" (or any other city like environment when you are normally living in the tree farm capital of America) spend a few nights have a good time and then figure "hey I think I will head home." Now your home, home sweet home, get off the train. BAM the scent of a crusty leaf stabs you in the face. Your done for. Heres a look at all the allergy med's I am currently on while trying to get a grip on the whole leaves and grass giving me swift kicks to the cranium situation.


Anonymous DomJuanDemarco said...

i feel you on that ...this week i got an allergic reaction that fucked me up i had to go to the ER and face was swollen and i had hives...and now they finally gave me an epi pen...that shit reminds me of pulp fiction...fuck i hate allergy season

12:24 PM  
Blogger Eff That said...

oh shit, no good. the whole allergy thing trips me out though for real, how the body just straight up doesnt want certain shit in it. A friend of mine this weekend, took a sip of some wine that i was drinking, no lie 5 seconds later his face broke out in hives, kids allergic to wine had no idea.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous DomJuanDemarco said...

yea man....allergies is fucking crazy to think about

1:26 PM  

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