Friday, September 22, 2006

Welcome To The New beginning..

You may be wondering why I haven't been updating the blog for a few days..Its been a crazy few days trying to get the new site in order..That's right new .com..I felt like it was time to kick it up a notch and make things legit..blogspot was fun and you guys have supported like non other..I would just like to say thank you for all your support over the 10 months the blogspot has been up..

For the new site..It will be exactly the same format just a different look..And a lot more features.. One feature will be the guest blog featuring Kevin Booker..Josh Wisdumb..Ark United..Killa Kate..Standard ATL..Ant from New Era..Mike from Orisue..And Steve-O from Laced Magazine..I will also be doing a full out new shop guide..Look for that in the future..Once again thank you for the support..


Click the picture to go to the new site or click here

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I have a love hate type thing for, but I am kind of interested to see where this goes. KL is running a little audition type thing for the underground brands out there. Not a lot involved, just some images of your product and a short bio, if they dig your stuff, it seems you get a lot in return. Some brands will steer clear of this type thing, for others it looks like a great opportunity. More info here

White & Nerdy

Guess whose back.

Got My Lakai's On..

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Outsider

Besides Lupe's album, DJ Shadow's album The Outsider dropped today, and it blows Lupe and every other record that has dropped in the last ten years out of the water. What you just read was the biggest lie I have ever told. I wish I could say this album is great, being a huge Shadow fan for years, but this album just doesnt appeal to me at all. But then again I am the type of Shadow fan that is waiting for an album like Entroducing. (which I happened to get a poster of for my move in on wednesday, very happy about it) But instead I got a Shadow album thats all about the Bay area sound, full of Keak Da Sneak and Hyphy for days, just not my thing. It sounds nothing like a Shadow album, and I respect the fact the idea behind The Outsider was to be different from any previous albums, and althrough there are some tracks that are pretty good, I just can't get into this album no matter how much I want to. I am hoping his LRG collabo is way better then this album. But if the bay area sound is your thing, check out Shadows new videos here and here.

Rodrigo Peterson Dunk SB's

Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor

Well..I have to say..This album is really good..I was really impressed..Someone dropped it off at Blades today so we bumped it for most of the day..People were feeling it..With the album being produced by Rell..Jay..and Kanye..You cant not like it..Songs are good..And its a lot different than the album that leaked..Go out and cop..

The Clear Hoodie

Check out what the people Home Room Clothing created, a clear full zip hoodie, dope. Home Room Clothing for more info.

Foot Patrol Air Stab @ Alife

Alife has stocked Foot Patrols second Air Stab. The first Air Stab they did was a great colorway, and this time is no different. I really am feeling this shoe.

I Got It For Cheap!

"And a new era will be rushed in on the backs of many"

Welcome everyone to a new beginning.

I Gotcha!

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Switch-Up


Undftd New Eras..

Man do I wish I lived over in Cali..

Rogue Status

R3CON Pant Cloth..

Came with the jeans..Thought it was interesting..

CommonWealth Updates..

New Stussy..that shirt on the top left..changes colors in some light it looks brown and others it looks black..and the bandanna shirts are ill..


250,000.00 Away..

Man..So the New York Post..Is doing this monopoly Scratch and Win game..So whateva..I bought the paper for 25 cents today..And I'm on the train going home..And I found the numbers for the day..So I start scratchin' away..Do the first one..Got the monopoly dudes head..Second one..Same thing..Third one same thing..And so on..So at first I'm like..Oh shit..I got 4 out of the 5 guys heads..One more..And I win 250 g's..Which is money..Some lady was checkin' over my shoulder..So I was like..nah chill..I'm going to wait to un scratch it..But I got restless..And scratched it.and it was the 10,000 one..Man was I bummed..Imagine if I got a Monopoly head..Shit..


Yeahh..I don't know what it is..Today just has been a shitty stressful day..Usually normal people would tell you why they're stressed out..But I could not tell you why I am..Maybe its caz I'm missing my famo..My dog..My girls back at home (Mackin..Tiner..Mags..)..Plus I really need a haircut..I don't know..I'm not turning emo on you guys..haha..But when shit gets rough..I just go skate around BK and peep the Manhattan Skyline..For some reason that brings me back to reality and makes me realize why I'm here today and why I'm in school..Well that's that..Just had to get that off my chest..atleast Necro's moving here next Wednesday..

New York...

The weather has been nuts..It really is terrible..Rainy cold..Then its sunny and warm out..Well thank god today was a beautiful day..And check out what I passed by on E50th street..

KB Off Ice Cream?!

Well Rumors do get out..And yesterday when I was around NYC I heard that Rell asked Supreme to shoot in their store and they said Fuck Off..Or whatever..Then some other shit with KB happened..blah blah..Well I hit up KB to ask him..And none of that shits true..So if you heard any of it..That's the truth..Figure I'd clear that up..


Banksy's Barely Legal show has activists going crazy. Being a huge fan of Banksy and graf in general, its amazing to see how much press he is getting right now. I am pretty sure every blog on the net posted his Paris Hilton album video and now the LA times is all over his latest show and his controversial live elephant installation. Whatever your stance on that topic is, just check out some of these pics. More info here and here via The Commish or TTL


It looks A-Ron just ventured off into another business, the bar business? A-Ron and La Esquina owner Serge Becker have joined together to open 205, a bar located on 205 Christie Street. More info here and here. Via Obori of 5D

Orange Shark Hoodie..

My homie Dice got his hands on an Orange Shark hoodie..he's tryin to get rid of it..Size:XXL..drop me an email with offers..if your in NYC you guys can meet up..

Greedy Genius @ Standard..

The new Greedy Genius Kick's dropped this weekend all over the US..I'm feelin' the new shoes that dropped..The multi-colored is real ill..Hit up Standard they ship worldwide..

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Full Print parka season: Real Mad Hectic!

Full print is all the craze this season and by no means is it dominated by Bape; this dope hoodie is by Real Mad Hectic, a slowly growing streetwear company that is sold sparingly at Recon/Nort and other satellite stores around the world. The colors are loud and the design is simple but eye catching. Revolver will be up next with the Mad Boys and Donut full print hoodies, followed by Saru's "Monkey" camo and Recon with their re-release of the Money hoodies. Keep an eye out and don't sleep!

Pics courtesy of Awwsheeet and his crew.

What The..

As I was heading home..I passed this in the Transit Window..Look familiar?..And no..They do not carry BBC..Its called "Trac..Or Track"..Something along those lines..Its basically a rip off Diamond Dollar hoodie..And it goes for 75.00..Weak sauce..

??? Pt.2

Its In My Hands now...


This is the best $17.00 I've ever spent..This Stussy case is going to save my BlackBerry..And it has one of them mountain climber things..(cant remember the proper name for it this moment)..So I can put my keys on it..Oh and peep the KS fitted..Good looks ant..

Friend and Famo..


Neek and Joe

I was talkin to my homie Danny..And I noticed the infamous Quan Luv..Brian Cleaver and Rickstarr passing by BWS..Of course they talked shit to me until I went outside..So then I walked around with them for a little while..But then Ricky had to meet some girl..And uh..Yeah..You get the rest..Anyways..After that I met up with Joe from INVASION..And Neek Supreme from Fruition..yessir..good day overall..

New Era x DC Deck..

I didn't get to take a flick of the New Era x DC skate deck they made for the party..Its very interesting..They had the invitation on the bottom of the deck..And a little brief description of how New Era and DC started..I tried to let Ant lemme get the deck..But..Yeah..That definitely wasn't happening..

Polka Dot Pack..

Yesterday the Polka Dot Pack dropped at all the Tier Zero account shops..DQM and R3CON had a pretty good size run left over..I know a bunch of people lined up for it..Guess it all didn't sell out..

Recon Jeans..

Recon dropped these last week..They're really dope..Good fit and the denim is nice..They'll run you a buck twenty eight..But its worth it..


What does Benny Gold Have in store for us?

New Era Bus..

Here's a quick video I took..You have to turn your head sideways to full get the full effect..Ha..

I felt that this needed its own post..I was lucky enough to get on the New Era Bus...That thing was nuts..

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