Sunday, August 13, 2006

Vacation..Day 1..

This week I'm going to take a different approach with the blog..Its going to be more about my vacation than recent updates in streetwear..Of course ill up date that topic here and there..But right now..Its about my vaca..Anyways..Every year my famo goes away on vacation for a week to get away from all the stress that work..School and everything else brings..So here's a few pics I took today from the ride to Delaware and whatever the hell I did in between..Keep in mind I'm sitting in the middle of some cement type park thing..Stealing the little internet I have...So hopefully you get as much joy out of this as I did..Ha..

Early as hell..I haven't seen 10 am since summer started..Not to mention I had to drive 4 hours on 5 hours of sleep..

Delaware Bridge

So while stuck in traffic an eyelash got in my homie's eye..Of course being the girl he is..He bitched and moaned forever until he finally realized it was under his contact..dunny..

Yet another bridge..

Yet again..Doug is like a girl..Kid couldn't go 2 and a half hours without taking a piss..So I had to pull over on Route 1..And let him piss..It was fun throwing ketchup packets at him though..Ha..

Traffic for hours..

So I finally arrive in Delaware..And end up fishing my day away with my Moms and my Homie Doug..Funny thing is..We spent cake on our rods..And my mom straight up takes a stick..Ties a line..Throws it in the water..And catches a big ass bass..And we caught little ass sunnys..


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