Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vacation Day..3

Today was an alright day..It was kinda windy and the beach was madd cold so I headed back to the house and just hung out..It sucks not having internet..I'm really going through withdrawals..Hopefully this one spot will hold up for the rest of the week..Anyways..Tonight I went to the boadwalk..Which is pretty much one of the best attractions in Delaware/Maryland..So here's the pics..

I usually don't like little kids..But this kid Jake is one of the coolest little fuckers I know..He saw me with my camera..And asked me to take a pic of him..Little dudes only 7 years old and already killin it..Early..

This is one of the main strips of Delaware/Maryland..I have no idea why the picture came out blurry..But basically if you wanna do anything around here..This is the place to be..

Boardwalk rides are always fun..

Boardwalk food is always gross..This is what a stromboli looks like down here..What the hell is that!?!

This was dope..People carved things into the sand..I don't know what all that white shit is..But if you click the picture..Hopefully you can get a clearer view..


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