Monday, August 07, 2006

Randoms Featuring: INVASION

Well I remember back in the day when !NV@$!ON was on the 5th-Dimension Forum and everyone hated on him..But I was like..You know what Joe..I like your designs..I think their dope..And now roughly two years later the new !NV@$!ON line is almost ready to drop and people are fiending..So lets bother Joe today with another Random..

1. Well we have some background of !NV@$!ON..But tell us a little more about yourself..And how you came up with the whole concept

Joev@$!ON: Well, I'm just a regular working class guy from Queen$ who's sick of having a boss, so I wanted to start my own shit. I just happened to come up with the logo one night when I was frustrated, and I think it shows haha.

2. Doesn't it piss you off time to time writing !NV@$!ON like that..I mean..When I updated your shirts..It took me a good minute to figure out all the symbols..

Joev@$!ON: I fucking HATE having to type out those symbols. I'm sure you and me aren't the only ones.

3. Being a desinger and having your own clothing line, how do you feel about everything going on in streetwear today?

Joev@$!ON: Well, I'm not mad at it, really. I think there's a lot of people that are like "fuck it, everyone else does tees, why don't I??". BUT, once they see what's involved in the whole process from start to finish, they give up. Lord knows I've wanted to mad times. I also think more people should do shit other than tees, if they have that hookup. I'm in that process myself.

4. What would you rather 30 belly flops from a 5 foot drop into a pool or eat 2 pounds of garlic?

Joev@$!ON: I'll take the belly flops. Garlic smells good, but I'll pass.

5. What's instore for !NV@$!ON in the next few seasons..You've really stepped it up from what it used to be..

Joev@$!ON: Thanks dude, I appreciate that. I actually started to take it serious when everyone kept emailing me checkin' for it. I got tees, obviously, but I have all types of shit ready to be produced. I'm in the works with cut and sew people, so we'll see what happens. I ain't trying to be a tee line, I'm trying to be a clothing line.


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I really like that Interview w/ them

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