Saturday, August 26, 2006

New Jersey..

Well it felt good to go home..But I missed my BK place..Anyways..Here's how it all started out..

Train Ride Home that took an hour but felt like 5...

My homie Doug aka Chopz had a party for my return to Jersey..Dude's basically my right hand man..Oh and that's Christine above..Peep Doug's wack ass shirt..What the hell was he thinkin?!

Matty Rums..Runs his own record label called Tamerlane Records..Doin big things..

Well I haven't talked to this kid (left) for about 8 Months because his EX GIRLFRIEND..Yes I said EX Girl was fuckin' crazy and controlling and was a fuckin nut..Glad to have you back..Shit as soon as he broke up with her he shaved his head..fuckin Necro..

Faraone..Shit dudes my homie since highschool..yessir..


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