Thursday, August 31, 2006

Alife x Clipse

Nigo's New Chain..

Speechless...His necks gunna be killin' him..



Well I've been hearing a lot of things about this store called World..Good and Bad..But I decided to head over to World for myself and talk to Dallas (owner) myself..And let me tell you..For being open for two weeks they have shit on lock..Whatever you have read on the forums and all that..Forget it..The stores dope and the owner's even cooler..So take what you heard and throw it out..World's dope..Stop by its on 151 Christyie..

Legends Never Die..

I know this has been posted a buncha times..But I came across it walkin to Alife..And I had to take a picture of it..

RIP Harold Hunter

Downtown In a Day..

Man am I tired as shit..Class early in the AM..And then Soho with the homies..Anyways...It was a good day..Got some business taken care of ..And then picked up some tee's..Good day..Cant wait to go home tomorrow.

Recon x Futura


Doug and Necro


Store Closings..

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dave White Full Zip Hoodies..

Freshness Again..

EMINEM x Nike Charity

Fundraising is always good for whatever it is for..We've heard of Eminem x Nike collabos in the past..But now Shady has teamed up with nike once again to create a series of Air Maxes..There will be 64 pairs in total and will range from Air Max 87 to the Air Max 360..Each will be autographed by Marshall himself..Head over to Freshness for more info..

Nick Diamond Magic Guest Blog..

You might wonder why Nick has a Condom on his blog..But after all it is his blog..Funny stuff..Anyways..Click here to check out as he documents Magic..And if you like his blog on there..Well then I have a little surprise for all you guys in the week to come..

Shitty Days..

It's been madd cloudy and rainy in the city lately..Which means..Nothing at all to do..It sucks..So I decided to head over to the Manhattan Mall..I picked up that Krew Too Live TK hoodie..Dope hoodie..Cant wait for the multi colored one to come out..Oh and I passed this Graph exhibit..I didn't really get a close look at it..I had to run to class..But I was able to snap a pic..


Everyone knows J.Money..Now check out his women's line..J.Honey.. Obviously For the ladies..Instead of King of NY..He has a Heart of New York..Head over to High Snob for more pics on the shirt..

Nike SB @ CCS..

Well when I first saw the Todd Jordan Blazer I wasn't sure how much I liked them..Then I saw them in person..And the flannel is ill..CCS has a hat to match the kicks..Oh and I came across these dunks on the site..I've never seen them before and they aren't on Nike Skateboarding..Check out the back..Looks like 3M?

Cleared Up..

I was confused with everything that was going on between the Collabo's..But on Edison's blog it says its a Stash x Jared Liner..Sorry for the mix up..

Huf Stadium Tee..

Well..Huf dropped this tee and it sold out within two days..So lucky for you guys they are going to do another batch in limited amounts in heather grey..Wish I lived in SF..

Benny Gold

DG 50% Off Sale..

BBC Season 3..

The BBC/Ice Cream Season just keeps coming..CommonWealth now has the all over BoomBox tee's..Does this mean that the OG Ice Cream BoomBoxes are dropping soon?!..I hope so...

Nike Dunk SB Camo Re-Release

Missed out Active just restocked on these bad boys..Only 90 bucks too..Eat em' up..

Monday, August 28, 2006

Magic Tradeshow..

Man..Do I wish I was at Magic..All my NYC homie abandoned me for Las Vegas..Anyways..Head over to the Hundo's blog..Or High Snob for the latest details over at magic..

Spective Skateboards..

Buy these decks..They ride like a charm..

Skateboard P Deck..

Soo I thought this was interesting..This deck came with Skateboard P's album..But look close..They misspelled Skatebaord..Sucks for the person who won the deck..

Diamond Supply Co. Tees.

Nick's at it again..Dropping a few more Diamond Supply Co. tee's..I'm really feelin the Bandanna Diamond tee..Check back to see where you can cop the newest Diamond Tee's..

John Mayer x Futura

Thanks to Necro for the find..

Stash x Edison x Kobe?!

Straight off of Kookies..What do all of these three big names have cookin' here? I'm just as eager to find out as all of you are..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mishka Interview..

Head over to the ALIEN Mag to check out the interview Quan and Alex did with Mishka..Even though its a bit old..Its still a good read..

Medicom Saw Figure.

When I first watched Saw..I loved the movie..But that little figure freaked me out..Now Medicom has made that toy..I don't know about you guys..But id hate to wake up to that little guy right next to me..


Baby Milo Camo Hoodies..

I posted them before but found out they have a dope Baby Milo Zipper..Pics from BapeBlog..

Ice Cream?!

Team Ice Cream Vol 1 is coming out within' the next month..Yes people the first official Ice Cream Video..We've all seen the trailers..And these guys ill it..And don't forget to hit up the ASR Skate Trade Show Convention the whole Ice Cream Team will be there so you guys can get to meet them..Also I heard they might have a little surprise for all of you guys..Be sure to hit it up!

Baby Milo Camo Hoodie's..

The New Camo Milo Hoodies have hit eBay already..and are going for a pretty feelin all of i cant wait to get money..

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Orisue Fall on Fizix

G'd Up Apparel...

Well G'd Up started awhile ago..and now their dropping more stuff..and it looks can cop it directly from Benny Segal..Shirt designs are mint..


I never had a contact page...But I guess its a good idea to have one..So just peep the side bar..Its a clickable thumb..


Supreeme Supreeme..

Supreeme Supreeme We Livin' The Dream..

Pick Ups..

Well if I couldn't get the Bacons I had to have the shirt..Thanks Carl..Also check out the Bacon Wrist Bands..Oh and you know that Huf Fitted Benny Gold Designed..As good as copped..Looks better in person..lime green illin' it..Huf Set..uhhhhh!

New York..


Well I heard the DQM line was nuts..So I headed down there with Syd and talked to Carl about it..Shoes sold out in a day..Nuts..204 after tax..I bet you Dave was ecstatic..Oh and check back on the Blog for a little Q & A with Carl from DQM about the Bacon Re-release..There's some great stories..haha..

Then I headed over to Blades in the Man Mall to get Griptape..I ran into Anthony..I've known him since I used to work at Blades..That was a long time ago..

New Jersey Part II..

Alright..Part II..Friday I linked up with Andrew (Spective Skateboards)..You've seen that name around here on the blog a few times..Started his own skate company..blah blah..Decks are 40 bucks..And they ride like a champ..Get at me if you wanna support..

Now off to my Aunts 50th Surprise Party..It was a good one over all..I had to come home for that..Cake..Which was madd good I might add..

Surprise Bitches

Me and Grandpa..

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