Monday, July 31, 2006

Laffy Taffy rots your teeth

Finally in my quest for good music my boys come throught. I posted some music from my boy Ro Blvd. from LA before but here is your introduction to my boy Free Speech as well. Together they have put the finishin touches on a free EP thats pure heat rock at its finest. I mean the album art should be all thats needs to be said. Get your Copy Here Free.


What the hell is going on with this weather..I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow..I have to go on a boat for college orientation...Weak sauce..

Blac Label..

Holy Crap..

Wow..I wake up..Go on DG..And realize that the Diamond x Rouge Status shirts sold out within 5 minutes..And I really wanted the black/red colorway..Cot dam..Anyways..DG dropped two new colors of the Arabic print tee..So if you missed out on the Diamond x Rouge Status..atleast you can get the Arabic print in two new colorways..

Ghetto Big Mac..

Diamond Supply Co. Arabic Print..

Well it dropped at 9:15 PST..And sold out quicker than the Diamond x Rouge Status Tee's..There's only larger sizes left...But if you missed out hopefully DG will have the Diamond x Rouge and the Arabic Print in stock tomorrow..

Sunday, July 30, 2006

G.O.O.D. music my Grammy family

pretty chill video for the song. Im loving the treatments. But i must say wasn't the Grammy's like 4 months back. Might have been a better time to release this song but o well GOOD music yes indeed.

Sneaker Pimps..LA

The Hundo's have put up pictures of Sneaker Pimps LA..It looked like a fun event..From what Killa Kate told me..She got backstage with Lupe but her camera wouldn't take pics for some odd reason..So head over to the Hundo's Blog for more pics..

Clerks II..

Here's a small clip from the movie..If you haven't seen it yet..Go out now..And watch it..If you don't laugh..ill pay for your ticket..

KR3W TK Signature Backpack..

School is a month away..And for all you cool kids that want new fresh stuff..I'd hop on this KR3W backpack..Medium sized..Perfect for all your books..If you carry any..haha..Anyways..Its on CCS and its TK's Signature back pack from KR3W..And if you really want to get technical..You could get the Too Live Hoodie while your at it..

The !NV@$!ON Is Coming..

I don't know about you guys..But from what I've seen from !NV@$!ON..His shit is dope...And I'm looking forward for his shit to drop soon..Head over to his blog for more info..

BBC Cargo Shorts..

BBC/Ice Cream has updated their site with new BBC Cargo shorts..They feature a Moon Man on the cargo pocket and the astronaut on the butt pockets..Oh also..When you first log onto the site..Check out the little blurb they have to say about the fake BBC/Ice Cream that's out there..

Bape Camo Bandannas..

Well everyone was asking about the one Kanye always wears..Well now Ace-Web has them..And from the looks of it..They have all the colors in stock as of now...Better hurry up..You know they're going to sell out fast..

New Lupe Video..

I don't know about you..But I love Jill Scott..So if you haven't heard the new song by Lupe "Day Dreamin" you need to find it now and listen to it..Its a dope song..Head over to Slam to check out the other photos..

Kanye West 180's...

I remember seeing Kanye wear these in a magazine about 8 months ago..And now samples have finally hit eBay..These are a dope looking pair of 180's..But for almost 2 G's..Dam..

Info off Kookies via eBay

Happy 4 Years Huf..

As seen on Benny Gold

Saturday, July 29, 2006

CommonWealth Sale

Friday, July 28, 2006

Sneakerpimps X LA

Tonight is Sneakerpimps in LA.Should be a great time.If your there feel free to come say hi and bug me.Ill be walking around aimlessly as usual.

Ill have pics and all that jazz tomorrow.

Wack music

is it just me or is their alot of wack music dropping. back to my 80's mix...

Diamond Supply Co. x Rouge Status

Figured I'd let everyone know that the Diamond x Rouge Status shirts are going up on DG sometimes tonight..I don't have an exact time because the guys who usually take the pictures aren't in the office or something along those lines..So if you missed out on Caliskatz..Stick around your computer and wait for DG..

Sneaker Play..

Well I kinda forgot I signed up for it..But then I checked my hotmail and had a buncha messages..And I'm like..sneaker play..When did I do this.. But then I realized..So if your a member hit me up..

My Profile

Roadstas review: Was it worth the wait?

So the Bathing Ape Roadstas have finally dropped here in Japan (and tomorrow in NYC) and allow me to provide the first official (official meaning I have a legit pair sold to the public, NOT a sample, NOT a variant, NOT a "back of the truck" special) review of the sneaker at hand.

First off, I must say that the first colorways (a combination of white and grey with the 6 "camo" colors Red, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Pink) are the very subtle and very low key; I didn't even notice staff wearing them when they were handing out lottery tickets. With jeans covering over it, you'll easily mistake them for a pair of Nikes if it weren't for the pointed edge of a star sneaking under your selvedge.

The stitching is great; seams seem strong and potent, but not too tight. A foot can easily flex the strings for a tight fit, but also allow for you to cram your foot in with the laces fully flat against the leather. The leather is soft and very durable, but just because these are not patent leather doesn't mean they don't crease! The toebox is made of a preferated leather which can easily bear creases and (unfortunately) seems like it may have the potential of the white paint on the leather to crack.

Under careful inspection, you'll notice 2 midsoles; 1 in the front (grey colored), and the middle to the back (white colored). The grey front midsole is very tough - it even feels plastic. A quick tap with your fingernail will prove how durable this sneaker will be if you come across a curb you didn't quite step high enough for. The mid/back midsole came as a surprise as it is VERY soft. They feel like my dad's New Balance trainers he plays Badminton with. Squeeze-able which leaves an imprint, these are the key to the comfort of the Roadsta.

Moving to the inside, the sneaker is very snug (notice: Roadstas seem to run a half size too big. If you can, try on a pair before you buy, otherwise it would be ok to buy a half size under your normal run-of-the-mill Bapesta or AF1. 9.5 Roadstas fit me like 10 Bapestas) and conforms to your foot very well with a slight arch support. The bottom of the insole actually has a second "soft" layer of cushion, which again reveals a very comfortable setting. The insole is slightly narrower than a Bapesta insole, so the skate shoe "wide" look is absent.

The soles lacked a bit of detail in my opinion; 2 colors, fully lined with "stas" and 2 neon colored "stas" in opposite directions. Under closer inspection I noticed the neon "stas" were a different rubber material - a tad stickier than the rest of the sole. Why did he do this? Who knows. The sole will match the color of your shoe, but White has opposite "stas" in a very random Brown color on a white sole. Odd, but very nicely done.

And finally, the most eyecatching detail on the shoe has to be the camo bubble. A lot of speculation came towards this "gimmick" but I must say it's very tastefully done. The air bubble itself is in fact NOT an actual air bubble. If you can picture any Air Max you'll notice that Nike uses a "column" design to utilize the air bubble. Bape did not "sample" this design at all, the air is basically just surrounding the edge of your heel. This again is an "illusion" of comfort, but if you find that you step down with the right edge of your left heel and vice versa first (instead of applying all your force to the back of the heel which would be ideal for both sneakers and your posture), then the air bubble will do it's job by absorbing that impact. The camo print is very neat and very sharp, but the entire bubble is not covered in camo. The print ends about 3 cms from the window, both on the bottom and on the top. Enough for the viewer outside to see, but would need to take the shoe off to notice the print finishing.

All in all, the Roadstas are more of a comfort shoe than a fashion shoe (at least the first string of colorways is, just wait for the classic 4 to drop sometime in October possibly for the more outrageous color combos) and I feel it's a great approach for Bape. The price is the same as a pair of Bapestas with a heel stitch, so there's no complaint here towards that, but I do wish these shoes came with a different colored shoelace to match the colorway. Would've been a nice touch, but easily overlooked.

"Worth the wait"
Rating: 4/5
Pro: Camo bubble is nicely done, comfortable as hell
Con: Small design oversights in first string of colorways, leather shows weakness

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bape Cigarettes..

Well now I've seen it all..First it was Bape Condoms..And now Nigo has some Bape Cigarettes..What's next? Bape Tampons?..I wonder if you smoke enough of these..If you'll start to develop black Bape camo in your lungs? Anyways..Talk about it here..

Paisley Restock @ The Hundreds..

Well its 4am..And I decided to check out what's goin on at the Hundo's camp..And I came across that the Red and Blue Paisley shirts have been restocked in limited size run..So if you missed out..Here's your chance..

Ice Cream..

In my town..There isn't much to do...So why not go to Coldstone? I decided to take more pics of everywhere I go because they say a picture is worth a thousand words..So here you go..Check out my homies..Oh and that dude on the skateboard is starting his own deck company..Which I thought was pretty impressive..dudes only 16..I should have a sample of his decks in the weeks to come..I'm glad lil homies is doing something with their lives..

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lupe Freestyle on Rapcity..

Big Ups to Big J for the find..

Diamond Supply Co. x Rouge Status

One of the most anticipated shirts this summer is finally dropping today..The Rouge Status x Diamond Supply Co. Collabo shirt..It'll be on Caliskatz at 3PM PST..And on Digital Gravel This Friday..The Diamond Arabic shirt will also drop tomorrow on CaliSkatz and on Digital Gravel on Friday as well..

False x BPM

FALSE has just been stocked with a bunch of FALSE X BPM Magazine exclusive joints made for their 10th anniversary.


Roadsta's @ NoTone..

First check out Notone's new layout..I hate it..Scroll to the right? I rather do up and down..But anyways..I'm not here to complain..I'm here to tell you that Notone now has the Roadsta's up for $300.00 bills..Now I know Notone raises the prices..But I sure hope they aren't over 180 in BWS stores..

BBC Scans From Milk..

Thanks to Nookie from BBC.Co.UK..We now have pics of some of the upcoming product from the new BBC/Ice Cream line..All I know is that chick in the ZigZag hoodie is beautiful..Seems like fall/winter is going to be an interesting season..

CommonWealth Sale!!!

International Sneaker Battle..

My homie Sid went to the International Sneaker Battle last weekend..And now he has some pics up on his blog..Head over there to check them out..Also..While your there peep the Lacoste x Sneaker Freaker..

Crackle New Era..

Thanks to Benny Gold again we now have better pics of the Huf Crackle New Era and the Tag for it which also acts as a sticker..Man I can wait for this whole set to drop..Hopefully ill be able to get my hands on atleast one of the items their putting out..

Mishka on DG..

Mishka's summer line is now on Digital Gravel..I just checked it and they still have a lot of sizes in stock..So if you wanted to grab a few tee's I suggest you hurry up before they sell out..

Monday, July 24, 2006

Pharrell x HP

So we all have by now geeked over the Jay-Z x hp spot thats been running on every tv station. So its only right that now we get to peek at the new pharrell spot that will be running. Im personally a big fan of these spots as the have given a more personal touch to the people we see everyday on tv i.e. Jay-Z, Pharrell, Shaun White. So enough with the jabber enjoy. o and listen close thats "Baby" playing in the background from off Pharrell's album "In My Mind"

Money Roll Boxers..

Well these are wayy better than the dog boxer briefs..atleast you can breathe in these..ya dig? I wonder when they're going to come out with D&D boxers..

BBC Tee's..

Yap..Well BBC/Ice Cream has update their site with the BBC tee's that everyone is going nuts over..I'm not sure if they sold out..Or just haven't been listed for sale yet..But once they do..You better be prepared to buy them fast..

Women's 6.0 Dunks on CCS..

Well I've read about them here and there and now CCS has them on their site..I'm feelin' some of the colorways..Buy up ladies..

Just Blaze and John Mayer @ Alife..

I posted the flyer a few days ago..Now check out the pics via aNYthing Glob

Sunday, July 23, 2006

RMC x Prohibit

Exclusive to 3 locations throughout the globe, these Prohibit NYC x RMC
collabo denim are now available at Prohibit NYC, Prohibit JPN and recently
added to their stock list is Lounge Retail located in Toronto.

Leroy Jenkins Hat Sample..

Now you can match your hat with your hoodie! Leroy hats are lookin' clean eh? Also check out the Leroy T shirts made exclusivly for the Lounge in Toronto..

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