Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Portrait of a Sneaker..

Well..To start things off..I didn't really know what was going on until this afternoon..In the previous post as you all know I was in WildWood..Partying it up for prom..Ha..But lets clear somethings up so you guys don't think I'm a Selfish Prick..

I had no intentions of making this project as me "Starting Hypebeast"..Or "Taking all the credit for Hypebeast"..Syd had approached me awhile back and asked me if I was interested..And I said sure..Who wouldn't be? It's a dope ass project..So for all the confused people that thought I was trying to dick over Kevin and the whole Hypebeast Crew..I wasn't and had no intentions to..The point was to shadow my life and what I have done..and to show how much Hypebeast is such a big impact on the Sneaker Community..So with that being said..Enough bullshit and lets enjoy the project my friend Syd put together..Oh and wait til Portrait of a Sneaker: Part II..mwhaha...

Portrait of a Sneaker


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