Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New York..Real Quick..

I headed into NYC yesterday for a few hours with my two homies Chopz and Chicken..And NYC pretty much didn't have anything..I ended up buying another DQM New Era..But the best part of the day was seeing the owner and the buyer of Blades..I haven't seen them in a few years..I also checked out the New Era Store..The New Era store is sick..The workers are chill people..And they have a wholle buncha fitteds..When I first heard about the store I thought it was just team fitteds..But..They had quicksilver..Stussy..DC..And next month they are getting the Alife Cookie Monster Fitted..Overall it was a nice day..Oh and check out this random picture of this dog I took carrying around a BIG ASS stick..Where did he get it from?..


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