Friday, June 30, 2006

New BBC Update..

Well..I haven't checked the BBC/Ice Cream site in about a week and they got a buncha new shit..I saw the Cell Phone Pouch in Union and wasn't sure when it was coming out..But its pretty dope..Also check out the denim shorts they got in..Cargo and non cargo..And don't forget to read the bottom before you order..

Invisible Women AF1..

Missed out on the men's..But can still fit into big women's sizes? Don't fret..Standard is getting the Invisible Women women's version early next week..Hit up their blog to find out more info..

Nike Claims Its Real

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Initial H

My Homie Henry from the New Era store sent me some pictures of his customs..They're really dope..He's done work for some big names..And is finishing a custom for Rick Ross..He was at the Funk Flex Sneaker Battle and will be at the next one in Connecticut..If your interested in his work..Hit up his myspace..Or just go and visit him at the New Era Store..


Nas rockin Orisue

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The god himself was spotted wearing an Orisue tee at a Chicago Radio Station.

Thank you to neutral from The hypebeast forums for lettin us know

Credits:Hypebeast Forum

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

BBC/Ice Cream Update..

Quick accessories update..Head over to the site to check out the New Era and Bucket hats they put on the site..They have a wide range of sizes..So better be quick..I know a few people have ordered already..

BBC/Ice Cream

Ice Cream Bandana

Now is KB showing off that he's rockin' the new Ice Cream Bandana..Or is he on KREW now?!..I'm sure we'll find out soon..

Freshjive Sale @ Eastbay..

Looking for a few summer shirts..But are dead broke like some of us? Ha..Eastbay has a few Freshjive shirts on sale..The sizes aren't that great..But hey if your one of the lucky ones you'll have some new shirts right?


Active Summer Blowout

Lakai Eyes..

Its all about the Eyebrows..

New Hundreds Available Now..

The new Hundreds line is available for order online..Hurry up..Last time it sold out within hours!

The Hundreds

SBTG Dunkers..

There's been a lot of talk about these..And finally some close up shots..I heard a rumor that SBTG was doing a Dunk SB..And then when it finally surfaced it was a sick nasty..The only downfall is this is an Asian release only..And it'll be hard for us to obtain in the states..So hit up eBay when they drop..

Crooked Tounges

New York..Real Quick..

I headed into NYC yesterday for a few hours with my two homies Chopz and Chicken..And NYC pretty much didn't have anything..I ended up buying another DQM New Era..But the best part of the day was seeing the owner and the buyer of Blades..I haven't seen them in a few years..I also checked out the New Era Store..The New Era store is sick..The workers are chill people..And they have a wholle buncha fitteds..When I first heard about the store I thought it was just team fitteds..But..They had quicksilver..Stussy..DC..And next month they are getting the Alife Cookie Monster Fitted..Overall it was a nice day..Oh and check out this random picture of this dog I took carrying around a BIG ASS stick..Where did he get it from?..

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

4 Rell

Check out all the new Ice Cream Gear Rell is wearing..Looks like I see the Puppy Dog Denims..And a new Ice Cream Fitted..Fall/Winter is looking mighty fine!

General Diaz YO!

Bape Mania Bapesta

Peep the Bape Mania Bapestas..I'm sure people will go nuts over these just like the Purple Taipei ones..Although these are only available to Bape Card Members..I'm sure the Locust will cop these..haha..He buys everyything..


Monday, June 26, 2006

Diamond Dollar Backpack..

Beach Towels..Hoodies..Tee Shirts..And now BackPacks..Although it could be confused with a purse..It really is a backpack..It seems to be getting love from all the Cream Heads..Talk about it on Bape Talk..

Bill Gates loves the ladies

Please tell me this isn't true but reports are flying that bill gates recently gave away 500 of his smart cards to hookers in India. Read more:
Bill Gates, who recently announced his phased departure from Microsoft, said that one of the things he plans to do after leaving is to focus on his charity organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Now it seems that 500 Indian prostitutes can thank Gates for all his charity with reports that a project under the foundation's auspices recently gave them free smart cards. The smart cards, which are embedded with chips, will let the prostitutes from the city of Mysore..receive discounts in hotels and shops as well as earn "loyalty points," which can later be exchanged for more discounts. Isn't charity great?
It's not all free candy and soda pop for Mysore's ladies, however, given that the smart cards will hold their medical history. Obviously, the idea here is to encourage the prostitutes to get checked for sexually transmitted diseases more often. The smart cards will interact with an Indian computer known as a Simputer, letting doctors easily look up the prostitutes' medical data.
See, Bill Gates isn't evil—he's trying to make the world safe for everybody, one prostitute at a time. – Nicholas Deleon

Bill loves his ladies haha.

New SB Wear..

Check out the latest Tee's from SB-Wear..You know they always got their shirts on lock..Well now they have two more to match your SB's...Grab them fast..Last time they released the sold out within minutes..


New Patent Force (Citrus) Drop @the 400

There was some talk of another patent force dropping but nothing really formulated officially about it until now. the 400 has received what looks to be another patent and have begun selling them. Nike is really combating the whole bape game with their wild forces that are dropping. If your in to the patent forces go check them out at the 400.

TK Boardflip Colorway..

Man..There's been a lot of talk about TK and the Ice Cream Team lately..And you all know what that's all leading up to..(Ice Cream Video)..And yes..It will be sick...Rumor has it they are going to have a release party for the video in NYC..Anyways..Back on topic..Peep the TK signature colorway Boardflip coming out next month..Bright eh?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

CR CESARIO Aquapeach

Remember those shoes TK was rockin' on his Myspace..And people were like..What are those..Where can I get them..Well now CommonWealth has them for a Buck..Buy fast..I'm sure they'll go quick..


Bape x Mona Lisa Piece..

I've seen some weird things in my time..But this is by far the weirdest thing I've ever seen..Bape x Mona Lisa..That is just weird..People are going a little over board with this Bape Craze..Its up on eBay for 4 G's..Check it out for yourself here..

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ice Cream Trailer..

Get this video and more at

Friday, June 23, 2006

HUF Benny Gold Fitted..

Man do I need this hat..It features the skyline that HUF puts on their bags..And in the window..If you checked out Benny Gold's site..You'd peep the eBay Link..The sample sold for over 700 dollars..Dam..I rather just wait til the release of it..

Greedy Geniu$ @ Standard ATL..

Head over to Standard's Blog Page..The new Greedy Geniu$ kicks are available now..You can see all the styles they have..

Tk Krew Ad..

TK Krew Ad..Looks like the Cream Team's Captain is doing good..Is that a Krew Ful lzip all over print hoodie I see?


Man..I remember when I first walked through the doors of my highschool...I was scared as shit that I was going to get beat up..At the time I had a senior friend who's name was Rachel and she told me that highschool will go by so fast..And before you know it you'll be walking down the aisle and getting your diploma..Well she was right..And it happened..As you can see above..All I can say it was the best 4 years of my life..And even though you go through heartbreak..Lost friendships..Happiness..And all the other that drama brings..Take it as a lesson learned..I know I learned a lot from all the people I met in highschool..And now that I think about it..I'm happy things happened the way they did..So for all you young cats that are or about to be in highschool..Take it one day at a time..And take everything that happens to you as a life lesson..Because once you graduate..Your an adult..And most importantly...Love Your Friends..Die Laughing..

Hundreds Sneak Peak..

Well I see a Paisley shirt...A Checkerboard cap that Bobby wore before..And a pair of camo shorts..Looks like the Hundo's line is going to be pretty nice this summer season..Just when is it going to drop..And how fast is it going to sell out..We all know how quick it went last time..Get your fingers ready people!

Hundreds via DG

Diamond Supply Co. @ DG

Check out the new Diamond shirts over at Digital Gravel..Its only some part of Nicky's line..There's a lot more to come..Trust me..

Kaws x MOB Bikini

Via Slam

Greedy Geniu$

Finally..The release of Greedy Geniu$..There was a lot of talk about it in the past few months and the hype slowly died down..But you better believe its back up..They dropped today and are available at the following retailers..

Barneys NY, Union LA, Grey One, Commonwealth, Brooklyn Circus, Classic Kicks, Goliath, Leaders 1354, Arrive, Packers, Turf Shoes, Fresh, 2 Doors Down, DTLR, In4mation, SF2, R Sole, Status, Concepts, to name a hand full…

Peep Hypebeast for the full interview

4 Rell On Myspace

Skateboard P's video is now on myspace..And while your at it check out the other Ice Cream Trailer on KB's Page

Orisue Samples..

Man was I happy on Wednesday when I got home and received a huge package from Orisue..Man their new t-shirts are sick nasty..East Coast really needs to get up on this..Ha...Anyways check out some of the shirts above..They'll be available for purchase in the next few weeks..


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

DGK x Lupe Fiasco ???

"Look at what we did we came a long way from Dirty Ghetto Kids."
New version of Kick Push from Lupe.

UPDATE:: Sorry for the folks who missed it it was for a limited time only...

SideKick III

I Cant wait..

Sidekick III

Ice Cream Socks..

Wow..Don't forget to check the Ice Cream side..Check out these Ice Cream socks..I always was a fan of long socks..Now you can be cool with these Ice Cream Long socks..Perfect for skating..

BBC $ Pillow..

I had to post this..I mean C'mon..Who wouldn't want to sleep on a $90.00 $ pillow..I know I would! Shits dope..

BBC Logo Tees..

So many new colors to choose from..Anyone feelin' the lime green?..Also the Thermal lined hoodies are available as well..

BBC/Ice Cream

Portrait of a Sneaker On SneakerFreaker..

Wow...shits blowin up..good luck sid!

Sneaker Freaker

What A Shitty Day..

What a shitty ass day..It was my last day of Highschool..Which is always upsetting..I pulled my cot dam groin..And I got into a fight with this crazy ass tiner...ill be outta commission the next few days due to graduation practice for long amounts of hours in this blistering heat..Wish me luck..Hopefully I wont die..I'm sure ill update here and there..

Monday, June 19, 2006

Supreme Dunk Hi's for 250 each!?

Possibly. I recently built a connection with someone who may be able to hook me up with all 3 (!!!) Supreme Dunk His for 250 each. Wish me luck on this; I hope he pulls through! If so, drinks are on me.
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