Thursday, May 18, 2006

Welcome To Spain..

Well..My homie KB made it to Spain along with the Ice Cream Team..Luckily he can bless us with pictures of the beautiful city of Barcelona..I've never been to Spain before but the city looks insane!..KB was sayin how the whole city is basically marble and is a skaters dream..and that Barcelona won their game last night and people were going nuts in the street..Soccer is so huge there its like the Super Bowl to us..So check out the flicks KB sent over to me..And more coverage for the days to come!

Air Port chillin'...

Welcome To Spain..

"The Skate Spots in Spain are a skateboarders heaven"


More to come in the next few days..


Anonymous Donte D. Jones said...

man yall are so lucky to have the chance to travel and skate when you please so how bout you help ou the people of hinsville GA and give us a skate park there is an old windixe you could put it in. And im tiered of gettin chased my shirts keeped gettin ripped evey time i run so hit me up at 912-369-2952 gea Donte Jones P.S. Skate till i die

12:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dats whats up da ice cream skate team is da shitt!!!

11:08 AM  

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