Sunday, May 21, 2006

"Sunglasses in a must" tour

So last night I attended the Sunglasses is a must tour at the El Ray theater. It was Chromeo and DJ A Trak (otherwise known as Kanyes DJ).It was definitly a good time.Apparently people in LA dont care how funny they look dancing, cause alot of people there last night were lookin real crazy. But thats ok.More power to them.

A trak is nasty.Now I know why Kanye pays him the big bucks.

and of course. I didnt bring my camera in.God I suck.

ps:Shouts out to the crazy asian girl with the weave.You go girl.


Blogger aface said...

how was chromeo?

2:09 AM  
Anonymous jiggaboo said...

let me tell you CHROMEO was the shit.

2:16 AM  
Blogger KillaKate said...

chromeo was who makes their name jiggaboo...loser

2:18 AM  
Anonymous jiggaboo said...

u know u want me......

2:19 AM  

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