Tuesday, May 23, 2006

skype a playa if you see me in the streets

yooooo I may be mad late on this one but it's official I officially f**ks with skype. I mean come on how gangsta is it to be design the new a.l.i.e.n. layout and then be like man I gotta make a call "where's my phone" you know what let me get skype out. Come on man free domestic calls to us and Canada til the end of the year Mann these dudes are really putting a dent in the cellular game and I love it. SO it's official I common1 has given hood credit to skype I see big things coming from this cell phone companies protect ya neck. OH and I just found out the tmobile mda can be used as a modern serious business right there a big hell no to comcast I official co-sign on the t-mobile mda to.


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spell/grammar check

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