Monday, May 01, 2006

Dallas Texas: Day 2/3..

Wow..It feels so good to be on a computer..I feel naked without one..Anyways..Ever since I got here its been down hill..Forgot the USB..My sidekick II breaks over the weekend some how..I just get this message saying "there's an internal error..Take it to your local T-mobile or call Customer Care"..IM IN TEXAS..What the hell..There's no T-Mobile..Just cowboy hats and cowboy boots..Jersey countdown in 2 days..YESS..Oh yeah..I got some dope pics of the city..Peace out until I get internet service again..

Lyss Report: haven't talked in a day or so..Since the sidekick went down I'm not sure if she hit me or didn't..I don't know..Whatever..Maybe this is a sign..Maybe its not..I just hope everything works out when I get back home..I really needed this week away even though I hate Texas..Ha..


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