Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dallas Recap..

Ahhhh..Man did I have a big smile on my face when I landed in Newark..It definitely feels good to be home and back on a computer!! haha..Well..Lets start from the beginning..

So being that I HATE taking off/landing..I decided to snap a flick before the flight attendant came around and yelled at me for having my camera out..Ha..This is me leaving Jersey..

One thing I didn't miss about Texas was the traffic and the shitty weather..What kind of weather pattern is there in Texas..It rains for 5 minutes..Then its sunny and 90 degrees..I mean..C'mon..shits weird!!!

The Hyatt Hotel..Was insane..28 floors of beauty..(no homo)..For real tho..This place was very nice..It was right next to "The Dome"..A revolving restaurant that cost 40 bucks a meal..And you get to see the whole city of Dallas..

They have interesting pillows in Dallas..Enough said..

Well..There's this part of the city called the West End..And in the West end they have a bunch of restaurants..Stores..Etc...This one place was a fudge store..And they REALLY love fudge..They sang and danced about fudge..There was about 15-30 people singing along with them..It must be a Texas thing..

Remember how I said the weather changes..Yeah..Tornado Warning..Softball Size Hail..And Lighting that would make you shit your pants if you seen it..Not cool..

Big City..Bright Lights..

By far the dopest building in Dallas..

So this next picture has NOTHING to do with me..My roommate Andy..Lets just call him bitches..ya dig?..I come back from dinner..And I walk past the bathroom to find this..I'm like...erhhm...yeahh..Turn around..Walk back out..Chuchh! God only knows what he has done/did..fuckin sterno..

Peace out Dallas...
Feels Good To Be Home..


Anonymous hepdog said...

i fucking hate texas... i did a year in a dallas jail.. i stared at that fucking green neon building every day.

2:01 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

hahaha I had to do "Big Things" in Dallas. U kept it real C lee wit being the wing man. We held down jersey style. Big V ..just throw it up.... It shall forever been know.. those are Stamp Girl's clothes!


6:25 PM  

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