Friday, May 05, 2006


Yeah..Its allergy season..And I'm dying..By 8 AM today in school..My eyes were swollen and my nose wouldn't stop running..So I squealed out and went home and took a nice nap until 2 pm..Ha..But it only gets worse..So I'm feelin alright and then about a half hour ago..I couldn't stop coughing and just throw up on the side of the street..Awesome right? I'm going to the doctor Monday to get that "allergy shot" hopefully it works..Otherwise I'm doomed for summer..

Lyss Report: So...We had a little emotional talk yesterday..Blah blah..Were "friends"..And all that..And uhm..Today we went to get my tux for my prom..Shit was kinda weird..To me atleast..I don't know...There's mad shit on my mind..Why continue to pursue if she's not putting in the half I'm putting in you know? Oh well..All good things do come to an end..I guess this is ours..........give me a sign homie...


Blogger Kevin said...

allergies are wack.

8:21 AM  

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