Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mama Interview with Killa Kate

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Do you feel your company has successfully integrated East coast flavor into a west coast lifestyle brand?
I think so. Ali is originally from LA and I’m originally from NY – our backgrounds have influenced us so much that I think it’s impossible for anything we touch not to have some reference to our past. It’s kinda funny that Ali and I ended up in living in SF, San Francisco is like the perfect mix of LA and NY, on the mellow tip. Kinda like us.

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Being that you are originally from the East, how do you think fashion differs greatly between the coasts?

I don’t really think it does. I think this whole fashion thing, or in our case streetwear, is pretty much the same everywhere. Either you're in it, or your not. Plus, the internet has changed the whole game. Those dope sneakers you have on right now can be copped in NY, LA, and SF the same exact weekend. Shit, you'll even know about the release six month before. Plus, almost every clothing company has a web presence so you can pick up the hottest stuff around the world so long as you have internet access and a credit card. It’s too easy. I find that there are only a few ways one can differentiate oneself. At the end, it all comes down to style, and you either have it or you don't.

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What made you want to design clothes in the first place?
Damn, I’ve always loved clothes – I was getting’ customs from the time I was a little girl ‘cause my nonna was a sample maker for Oscar de la Renta, Bill Blass and Bob Mackie. Pretty crazy. My grandmother was even making dresses for Cher – you know those beaded gowns with the beads in all the right places? Yeah, my grandmother made some of those. Anyway, she made me clothes all the time. Growing up around her I just got into it at an early age. She taught me how to sew and I started out designing and making handbags. Eight years later I’m doing what you see today.

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When you look back on this, what do you want to say you accomplished more then anything?
First and foremost, I want to be known for starting from nothing and taking Mama to a place where people can expect dope quality products on the regular. But it doesn’t end there. I want to make sure that people understand that I'm trying to create something for the ladies that gives them other options than looking like a chicken head. I want to create a movement where ladies realize that they don’t need to take their clothes off to get attention. I want women to realize that they can be recognized for talents beyond making their asses jiggle.

What makes your company different then a lot of other female run brands out right now?
First, I gotta say that I’m happy to see so many women’s lines out today. Everyone does it in their own way which is cool. Mama’s just me trying to be me through design and creativity. No drama, no gettin wasted, just Gabriella being Gabriella.

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Tell me about M.I.S.S?
Awww, yeah. M.I.S.S. has been something that I’ve had on the brain for over a year now. After doing a lot of thinking I finally got together with my homegirl the Liz "Busy Lady" Baca to get the M.I.S.S. show on the road. M.I.S.S. – Mama’s International Secret Society is a place for women in the industry to get together, promote, network, and communicate. It’s tremendous. We launched in early April and the response has been crazy. There are so many dope women in this world. We are going to take M.I.S.S. further. Eventually we’ll roll out an online women’s street culture magazine. We also want to develop an arena for mentoring the lil’ Misses out there on how to get to where they wanna go. I gotta thank all the women out there for contributing. Big Ups Ladies. Big Ups!!!

What music are you listening to right now?
DJ Elle's Mama Mix 3.

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How would you describe your own personal style?
Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. Comfort is the most important factor. I get down with the big accessories. I've always loved big ass eyeglasses, door knocker earrings, LV, etc. and I can’t do anything with my hair so I
keep it simple and big. I also have a little problem with the kicks – Ali calls it an addiction, I call it a love affair. I also have a soft spot for stilettos – they’re so pretty! I hate wearing them though but there are those
occasions when you gotta get gussied up.

Who are your favorite companies and designers, past and present.
Back in the day: LA Gear, Jordache, Reebok, Chanel, anything by Sanrio, Love’s Baby Soft

Today: Mama!! Nike, Maharishi, Carhartt, Bijules NYC, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, W)Taps, Guerlain, New Era

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What/Who inspires you and your clothing?
I basically design stuff that I want in my closet. I get inspired by everything around me – the city, music, my childhood and teenage years, lunch, whatever – you sometimes find inspiration in the least likely of places.

Any last words?
Thank you! And don’t forget to Live the Glamorous Life!

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If you dont know, now you know...Thank you Gabriella for your continuous inspiration.

Sb mids... again?

It looks like nike is going to take another stab at dunk mids in the sb market. Thank you Mr. Jeff Staple.

[To Darrin Hudson]

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

kick push x RoBlvd

My boy RoBlvd. did this crazy remix to lupe's kick push. This seriously might be the sleeper track of the summer; sleeper considering it will never be officially released. (lupe please don't sue me or Ro haha) My boy Ro is serious with the production though here are two tracks that he's remixed:


Are now available at CommonWealth..$85.00 bones..Buy now!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Emerica LV Print..

While browsing on Active I came across these Active LTD Emercia Heretics which features Emericas own version of their "LV" print..From what it says its an Active Exclusive so you can only get them on the site..hmm..Maybe an all over Emerica hoodie in the future?..Ha..


Bape x LTD. Tee..

Wow its been awhile...But that'll be in the next post..Ha..Anyways..While FINALLY getting on the internet for the first time this week/weekend..Seems like..bape did a collab with really using them pharrell/TB/Nigo dolls a lot now aren't they?..


Operation "real world" invasion pt.1

So the big talk around my parts is the filming of the next season of real world thats going down. Well everyone has been strategizing and plotting on how they will make their cameo on the house, and today i made my first plung. One of the dudes came into NT and i chopped it up with him for a min on the low. I Will be making my cameo im gonna perdict in about 4 episodes in some way haha. So if you see a guy wearing some HYPE gear or some fly LMAC t thats me with the blurred out face.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I saw pharell today in barneys...

thats really the extent of my updates for now..

Friday, May 26, 2006

Missing persons report.

If you have seen this boy, please alert the authorities.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

What The....

Bape x Sketchers?!?..HELL NO..What is this..Is this real?!?..I seen this on Slam.. And I just was in shock of how wack it was..Its like a diesel mixed into a bapesta..Oh man..Sorry Nigo..

A Bathing Ape Gold Bape Card exclusive t-shirt delivered

The first Bape Card exclusive item has shipped and despite all the haters, I think it's a pretty decent t-shirt. Plain and simple yes, but that's the whole point. Mix this with an unbuttoned shirt and you're good to go for the summer.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

LRG Heads...

For all you LRG heads...Against All Odds is having another LRG sale..I got a pair of jeans for 30.00 bucks..I was pretty happy about that..My homie doug got a varsity jacket for 56.00 bucks..As you can tell the prices are nuts..So if there's an AAO..As all the cool kids say..Run over and clean them out of their LRG...shits cheap as hell!


Bobby Hundreds covers it all..Check out Suru a shop ran by Joe from LP..He's got some dope shit in his shop and the artwork looks crazy..More info on The Hundosssss!

Be like Jim Greco..


FRUITION, the nation's only vintage street wear boutique, located in Las Vegas, NV, will be launching their formal website in conjunction with their first in-depth online interview with street wear web 'zine INQUIRINGMIND.CA! Propagating knowledge and education in the street wear community through comprehensive analysis, conceptual strategy, and
informative research, intends to infuse their positive message of growth and individuality through a systematic online resource that will push the creative envelope and propel the street wear culture to higher levels of innovation. We understand what this culture needs and we hope that you will embrace our vision, as we unlock the doors to a bright, limitless future.


BBC Update..

Check out all the new shit from BBC/Ice Cream line..What I'm really feelin are those embroidered jeans..shits crazy..CommonWealth got all the new hotness..Oh and my homies @ Standard have the reversible t shirts now..Head over there to check it out

Standard ATL

Common Wealth

skype a playa if you see me in the streets

yooooo I may be mad late on this one but it's official I officially f**ks with skype. I mean come on how gangsta is it to be design the new a.l.i.e.n. layout and then be like man I gotta make a call "where's my phone" you know what let me get skype out. Come on man free domestic calls to us and Canada til the end of the year Mann these dudes are really putting a dent in the cellular game and I love it. SO it's official I common1 has given hood credit to skype I see big things coming from this cell phone companies protect ya neck. OH and I just found out the tmobile mda can be used as a modern serious business right there a big hell no to comcast I official co-sign on the t-mobile mda to.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Quan Luv VS. LMAC..

You'll never see this in Jersey..

Fucking Awesome @ CommonWealth..

CommonWealth has the new all over Fucking Awesome hoodies..Retailed at $110.00 and sure to get you introuble if you wear it to school..Ha..They are now available..And from what I heard..Are almost sold out..Personally I like the white and black..Could you possibly customize these like the Hundreds hoodie? We'll see....


Dipset Urb Party..

Well its been a hellva weekend..But now lets get back on track..Head over to Dub Frequency to check out pictures of the Urb Magazine Dipset party..Look like a fun time...Although I heard the club owners weren't letting everyone in..Which is kinda wack..But oh well..

Dub Frequency

Sunday, May 21, 2006

"Sunglasses in a must" tour

So last night I attended the Sunglasses is a must tour at the El Ray theater. It was Chromeo and DJ A Trak (otherwise known as Kanyes DJ).It was definitly a good time.Apparently people in LA dont care how funny they look dancing, cause alot of people there last night were lookin real crazy. But thats ok.More power to them.

A trak is nasty.Now I know why Kanye pays him the big bucks.

and of course. I didnt bring my camera in.God I suck.

ps:Shouts out to the crazy asian girl with the weave.You go girl.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ice Cream Skate Team..

Leroy Jenkins x DG..

Man..Leroy Jenkins is really doin it up with these exclusive Leroy x DG collab..Limited to 8 pieces and sold out within minutes this hoodie is sure to turn heads wherever you go..So the lucky ones who were able to purchase this hoodie..Be happy..But $250.00 COT DAM!


BBC x Ice Cream..

Hmm..What do we have here..BBC x Ice Cream T-shirts!?!..Ryan Diaz YO! Found these on eBay..The majority said they are fake..But I mean..It would be kinda dope if they threw the OG BBC logo and put the Ice Cream on the back..Id be down to cop it..OG is wayyy better than the new Logo..Agreed?

Welcome To Spain..

Well..My homie KB made it to Spain along with the Ice Cream Team..Luckily he can bless us with pictures of the beautiful city of Barcelona..I've never been to Spain before but the city looks insane!..KB was sayin how the whole city is basically marble and is a skaters dream..and that Barcelona won their game last night and people were going nuts in the street..Soccer is so huge there its like the Super Bowl to us..So check out the flicks KB sent over to me..And more coverage for the days to come!

Air Port chillin'...

Welcome To Spain..

"The Skate Spots in Spain are a skateboarders heaven"


More to come in the next few days..

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jeff Staple x Uniqlo..

Well..I went to the mall today..And went into Uniqlo..(the best store for blank clothing)..And my homie Mike was workin..And he told me Jeff Staple did a collab with them..I was like..Oh for real?..I had no idea about that..(shirt on the right)..And he also said..They're gettin 3 more Staple x Uniqlo shirts tomorrow..So for all my Jersey heads..Go over to Freehold Mall..And check that shit out..ill get more pics of the other shirts tomorrow..Here's what I got today..The one on the let..Was just nuts..So I had to pick it up..

Ice Cream..Ice Cream..!!!

So my home girl got them teddy bear Ice Creams..And let me tell you..The box is dope! I didn't even realize that it had a woman on it..Well watch out mackin'..All the boys are going to be jumpin at you now..

The huf x hundreds party was a huge success tonight. I had so much fun!!

shouts out to bobby and ben hundreds

and a special shout out to mega and the boys from huf, who showed this jersey girl how to get "hyphy"

and of course, i didnt take any pictures.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Finally..I thought it would take longer by I got them in 3 weeks..I know they look like infareds..But I love em...I cant wait to go back and do an Air Force or Dunk..

BBC Button Up..

Well..We've all seen the shorts..Now check out the Diamond Dollar Button up..I'm feelin' the black one..All you need is the matching shorts and you'll be good..haha..Just like my homie Siah..When the Animal Kingdom Outfit came out..haha..

BBC/Ice Cream

Monday, May 15, 2006



Alien on Freshness..

My homie Quan is really doin it up..peep his interview on Freshness Mag..


Dude is Sick Nasty..

Koston Signs To Lakai..

Funny Video..
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Theres alot of this going on right now.

MaMa Clothing..

So I got home from school today..To find some fresh Designs from MaMa clothing..The overall concept of the line is funny..To me atleast..Anyways head over to their site to check out their shirts for men and women..


OG Bape Desert Camo hoodie for sale (Shameless plug, sorta)

Sorry to plug this as yes, the item is being sold by me, but the money will not go to me so I guess it doesn't really count. It's not often you find OG Bape items being sold around the common forums, and especially DEADSTOCK UNWORN items, so this is definitely a once in a lifetime thing.

For those of you who are not signed up to Bapetalk, feel free to email me at if you have an offer. If you're sick and tired of people dogging you cuz you don't have OG Bape stuff, then now's your chance to shut them the fuck up. Do it.
email if you have an offer.

Also for sale are Un-Unkle Bapestas NDS.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hundreds X Huf

Now I go to LAX at least once a week, but Im actually really looking forward to going there for this party on tues.

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Shouts out to the hundreds x huf fam. C ya there!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

New Look..

Looks like homie's over at CommonWealth have a new look..More to look at over on the front page..Like the new look guys..I cant wait for the fitteds to drop..And don't mind the funny cats in the forums..We all know you guys are the real deal..hahaha

Nike SB Clothing..

Active has also updated their Nike SB Clothing Selection..They have hats..t-shirts..sweatshirts..And zip hoodies..Hopefully they fixed the sizing problem..Because in the past..The way they wash sucks..

Nike SB..

Skate Decks..

It's summer season and Active has updated their deck selection from Baker..Head over to Active to peep what they got..

Money Roll Hat..

I Declare it BBC/Ice Cream day..Ha..I just keep findin' dope shit on the Bay..Check out this Money Roll Bucket hat..I mean..I wouldn't rock it..But its definitely Boss status..If I seen someone rockin' it..Id have to give them props..They sure do look better than the hoodies..

Diamond Dollar Shorts..

Ahh..yess..Bape has done the camo shorts..And now Mr. P Dot Williams..Has made Diamond Dollar Shorts..I guess we can expect to see all the colorways..I'm feelin' them..I wonder when the jean shorts come out..


New Boardflips..

Peep the new Board Flips on Pick your shoes..One of the hottest colorways..Hopefully RBK gets them..And has another sale..Ha..50% :)

Pick Your Shoes..

Friday, May 12, 2006


Everyone Hates..But TK is sick..

Bape Drop...NYC..

Rumor has it Today..Tomorrow..And Sunday they are going to do some major droppings..I know today they dropped red and purple reversible shirts..I believe..It was one of the camo colors..But tomorrow and Sunday are going to be big as well..we all know BWS has been empty for weeks..Maybe they'll stock now..Ha..

Urb May Issue Release

See You There...
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