Saturday, April 08, 2006


..New BBC shirts..That are NOT impressive..What the hell is this..Boats..Cars..Planes..Why do i have a feeling that BBC is going down down down down..

[ Concept ]


Anonymous todd e. said...

it seems that the plane matches the todds n the boat matches the vices n the car matches sumpthin im sure, but why wouldnt they make shirts that match shoes other then creams n bapes???i guess it doesnt really matter cuz there ugly neways and there gonna cost 100$ (cdn)

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bbc was never ill you dickrider

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Mr. Bird said...

Chris........I think your comming to understanding that BBC was never ill at all.......... I think it comes to show when you have lots of money.....and clout....the assumption is people will eat it up... but now is the time people are sick of it!! I have a feeling , within a year or two there will be half of the wack companies doing stuff.......and the focus will be back to basics.. Clean design ...with focus on functuality.........and originality.


2:51 AM  

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