Tuesday, April 18, 2006

*Weekly Drop* this week...

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Checkout the weekly drop this week to hear what Rob and Jeff will be discussing with LA's own Buffmonster.

Los Angeles has long been associated with glamour, glitz, image and unreality. It has always been undeniably glossy and shallow. Reality, of course, remains easily accessible. The Buff Monster hails from the inhospitable streets of Los Angeles. Small and elusive, it thrives in a city with a historic graffiti problem. The Monster manifest itself in different forms, each working towards the same goal of graffiti eradication.....

Paragraph courtesy of Buffmonster

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Anonymous Mr. Bird said...

I heard better interviews.......I wish they would have did more on buffmonster. Lots of it is just stupid babble. These guys have a great site and ideas.....but there idiots!

1:23 AM  

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