Thursday, April 20, 2006

Randoms Featuring : Nick Diaaaamondd

1. Well Nick..tell us about Diamond and how it actually started out..not how people saw it from the internet..

Nick: I started Diamond as a skate hardware company back in '98..I made tee shirts for 2 years before I dropped any hardware tho... just to build up the brand name while I tried to perfect a new idea for skateboard hardware that I had..The hardware never really worked well so I decided to make the same basic hardware that everyone else made.... Since I was already sellin shirts it didnt really matter.. I guess people liked the tees so the regular hardware sold really good right off the bat..I also have been involved in skateboarding almost my whole life so even before I dropped the hardware and only had tees.... I assembled the best skate team u could ever ask that helped..I now make Bolts, bearings, griptape, riser pads, wax and basically any kind of skate accesories u can think of...I also have a wheel company called Fillmore..

2. Well now that the general public knows about Diamond..What would you rather have happen to you..scrape your knee with grip tape 50 times or take a bullet in the shoudler?

Nick: Are u serious?..Id rather get shot fo sho! hahahaaaa

3. So how much heat did you get for being the first person to hold in in a REAL picture and post it on the world wide web?

Nick: Oh man.... It was crazy!..I wasnt really trippin off of it at all.. I just posted the pic on myspace to show people the shoe I made..After work I went over to my friends store and he was like... you gotta see this!.. He showed me that someone posted the pic on Niketalk and thr wer 28 pages within 2 hours..I was like WTF!..i got lucky with that colorway.. I knew it would be good... I just had no Idea it would get that crazy..To be quite honest...not to sound like I am up on my own shit, but when I first got the sample I started laughing..

Chris: haha oh yeah?? and whys that..

Nick: I knew right away that people were gonna bug out on it! hahaha..It looked better than I expected..didnt know they would trip as hard as they did friend sold a sample pair I gave him for $2000.......

Chris: Wow...

Nick: then I saw a pair on ebay for like 1800..thats when the hype trail started really rollin..
4. So can we expect some type of shop in the future from you?
Nick: I am actually doin a store rite is on fairfax rite up the street from is a Fitted hat store that I am doing with Stevie Williams and the cats from Fitted in hawaii.... we make all our own colorways with New Era and reebok of all the best sports will be open in lesss than 2 months..its called Fitted LA..We will also carry fitteds from all our friends streetwear and skate brands..

5. LA Or NY..or both if you could teleport back and forth anytime you wanted..ha..

Nick: that's a hard one..... they are my 2 favorite places rite now..then SF and Barcelona.. wish NY had LA weather... then it would be the best place in the world..

6. whats the weridest situation/place you have been in..and how do you feel about marc ecko..

Nick: My weirdest place and situation is much too crazy to tell the masses...hahaa..


Nick: I don't know Marc Echo personally, but my friend designs shoes for him and makes a shitload of money..So all I can really say is.... good lookin out..haha

Nicks "two cents": If you aint bein hated on, you aint doin shit!
Chris: Thanks Nick..


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