Thursday, April 20, 2006

Randoms Featuring: Le Messie..

1. Hulk or captain America..And who would win in a battle?

Le Messie: HULK!! He'll beat that painsy little under wearing fluke to shitts!!.... And then eat him! I despise superheroes with painsy uniforms that's why I love to kill them so much!

2. What were the best words of wisdom some one gave to you within the years??

Le Messie: You're a person that can do 2 types of things. Go 'do something', be out there, make a difference.... Or you can 'don't do something', live afulfilling normal life, white picket fence and everything.... But if you want to go do something be prepared for the drawbacks, the retaliation, the negativity.. Cause everyone who's succeeded in 'doing something' are continually going through them on one scale or the other and that's the 'small' price you pay for wanting to 'do something' the sooner you understand that fact the sooner you move and evolve.

3. Jenna Jameson..Or Lanni Barbie?..Ha..

Le Messie:Jenna can't hold her own anywhere close to Lanni.. Right baby lanni?

4. What's your feelings on the lupe album leakin on the internet? Dam pirates..

Le Messie: I like to look at it as a positive thing.. As Lupe said it's god's will, And I know things will be 10 times better than if it didn't get leaked at all,you wait and see... The leak will be the biggest blessing of his entire album.

5. Why and not .com?

Le Messie:Some drug consultants own!! DRUG CONSULTANTS!!! WTF! Besides ain' way cooler... = les minimal autistic children . telephaticvision


Blogger djbattlemonkey said...

Let me interview that guy!

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wanna interview that guy without his clothes on!

9:14 PM  

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