Thursday, April 27, 2006

Randoms Featuring: KB

1. What's your favorite food place back in VA.?

KB: chick fillet..golden corals..But what I miss from VA most is the UTZ crab chips..

2. What does Skateboarding mean to you..And how does your definition make it different from other peoples?

KB: Skateboarding is more then just a meaning to me dawg..skateboarding is ALL I know...I mean I literally can say I skated my way from VA to California..That's what brought me here and where ever else I end up is because of skating ya dig?..So skateboarding to me..Is my life and I live it..And my definition really can't differ from others..There is those who know what I mean and those who don't..Those who live what we live and don't really live what we live

3. Board Flip or OG?

KB: defiantly the OG..Just got 2 pair of white and red diamond and dollars today matter fact..And yeah they will always be my favorite shits for sure

4. Who's your favorite artist out now..

KB: Pharrell of course..

C.Lee: C'mon homie..Who else..

KB: Clipse..They been killin it lately..And I've had a sneak peak of their upcoming album it's nuts..Did you hear that shit Mr too?..pffffffft

C.Lee: Haha..Yeah I've been on that for a while..shits insane..

5. What do you think of all the online sites that feed information to the people..And the haters on them?

KB: I stay in my own little world and lane..And just enjoy everything to it's fullest..No room for any hate in my life now days..I love the fans of course..They are great die hard fans..And they will always be there..The others..heh..Couldn't see the light like baby Jesus and the manjor
6. How do you feel about the word "Chuchh"
KB: that shits fuckin tight..CHUUUUCH
CLee: Thanks for your time homie!!!
KB: its all love CLEE since Day one..Anytime STAR TRAK - ICE CREAM - BBC - APe


Anonymous lecruciverbiste said...

second comment on this interesting blog..
"Clipse..They been killin it lately..And I've had a sneak peak of their upcoming album it's nuts.."
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ? ... damn
pharrell & clipse, they're ok if we talk about fashion, but at a musical level, they're wack, average white kid rap, another g-unit group, please

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how is pharrell and clipse a average white kid group?? Do you know how many mixtapes they pump out? do you listen to pusha T? in no way are they like G unit. try and cop that album they had that got shelved, i think it was known as "Hell Hath No Fury," listen to the song with the beat that Pharrell actually gave to Jadakiss (Knock Yourself Out) will shut up ASAP ASAP.

modi man,

12:16 PM  
Anonymous knotti said...

who is this clown talking bout a white kid group.........are you serious my dude (pun intended) you see if you don't have "sidewalk knowledge" then what they rap is way over your fucking head, G Unit as well is not a fuck it im done talking to this loser

1:59 PM  

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