Sunday, April 30, 2006

The O.C

Did anyone pic up the new issue of Nylon Magazine?..There's is a random picture of Misha Barton rockin a bape hoody....aside from the fact she looks like she needs to be fed, I just found it amusing..thats all

speaking of Orange County...

I took a trip to Costa Mesa do a lil shopping as usual..For a place that I never even heard of up until this month, there were some really awesome places to shop

The LAB aka the anti mall- This place was choc full of hipsterness.Aside from housing Urban outfitters, it houses a bunch of small stores carrying stuff like Y3 and Umbro by Kim Jones.It is also to home of Blends.I mean its cool and all, but its just sneakers.Kinda boring.Oh and there this cool fountain made of all barrells there.

The South Coast PLaza-Probably the NICEST mall I have even been in.It kicks the beverly cenetrs ass like 10 times.But the store selection was amazing.Everything from Chanel to Gucci to Barneys Co-op, (which carried a small selection of ice cream and BBC stuff and these sweet loomstate vans).But It was like a dream come true

Commissary- Hard as hell to find.But it was cool.A good selection of shirts from bounty hunter to stussy.

Im tired.


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