Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hysteric Glamour Spring/Summer Catalog released

I know Hysteric is primarily a brand aimed towards the rocker girl, but I couldn't help but pick this up just to check it out. The catalog is actually quite beautiful; the cover has this gloss-over design of the infamous HG girl. Very eye catching, especially in the light. The "gift" is a mini purse in standard Louis Vuitton style (brown grained leather with gold writing) and inside the catalog hosts a few Hysteric stickers. The womens' fashion is pretty dope, as are some of the mens' stuff; notice the "Destroy All Monsters" typed with white font over a white shirt and the box design 3/4 to the right. A tad on the expensive side I suppose (i.e. a Baltazar x Hysteric Glamour belt will bring you back a nice G) but then again here I am talkin' about expensive while I own 200 dollar hoodies.

Take a look at some of the pics and P.S. I'm like totally in love with Mika Nakashima. We need to like, get married right away. Devon Aoki too. She can be my mistresssss.


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