Friday, April 28, 2006

Dallas Day:1..

So..Today I landed in Dallas Texas at 11:35 am..I took some dope as pictures..But being as forgetful as I am..I forgot my USB cord at home..Which is madd miles away..I'm gunna try to find one for my camera..So you guys can have a little view of Dallas Texas..The weather sucks here and I wanna go back to Jersey..ya dig?..

On a side note..I'm jackin' lupe's "Nat Report" Idea..Feels good to type out what's on my mind you know? So lets call this the "Lyss Report"..Ha..

Lyss Report: Were friends..We talk a lot..And it seems like she's the only one I can talk to right now without getting mad at anyone else..I gave her a rose and a card I made for her..I put that shit in her locker before I left for Dallas..Soft right? haha..Oh well..Sometimes you just gotta do what feels right..I'm out!


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