Thursday, April 20, 2006

Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood..

Well..Last night sucked ..Tossed and turned in my sleep ALL night..Waking up every half hour..No good man..Anyways..Today is 420 as you know..So that means..No one was in school..Well you get the clues..I know superintendents from high school go on peoples sites..And try to suspend them for putting stupid shit on their myspace/blog/website..I aint tryin to get introuble..Ha..Anyways..After finally going to sleep at 4 am..I woke up at 705am to being tired as hell and cranky..So I told moms I aint feel good..blah blah..Ended up falling asleep outside and getting dark as hell..But peep my dogs havin fun out side..haha..It was a great day after all..


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