Sunday, April 02, 2006


Well..Union in NYC received their Adicolor shoes yesterday when I was there..It looked too hectic in the morning since there were about 20 people crowded in that tiny store..So I went back a little later..I'm sure they still have all their stock of some..When I returned in the afternoon..There were still a lot of boxes..uhm...They also have those Nike Futbol jackets...With the zipper in the back and front..And they let you mix and match..Which is rare..Usually shops will tell you to buy both jackets and have you do it yourself..They retail at 95.00..My homie brian picked up two of them..haha..Dam baller..Not to mention he picked up DQM Bacons..And Union 180's an hour after..Holy Grail you might say..Oh and check out this Jenna Jameson x Adicolor?? Video..Its good..Ha..

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