Sunday, April 30, 2006

The O.C

Did anyone pic up the new issue of Nylon Magazine?..There's is a random picture of Misha Barton rockin a bape hoody....aside from the fact she looks like she needs to be fed, I just found it amusing..thats all

speaking of Orange County...

I took a trip to Costa Mesa do a lil shopping as usual..For a place that I never even heard of up until this month, there were some really awesome places to shop

The LAB aka the anti mall- This place was choc full of hipsterness.Aside from housing Urban outfitters, it houses a bunch of small stores carrying stuff like Y3 and Umbro by Kim Jones.It is also to home of Blends.I mean its cool and all, but its just sneakers.Kinda boring.Oh and there this cool fountain made of all barrells there.

The South Coast PLaza-Probably the NICEST mall I have even been in.It kicks the beverly cenetrs ass like 10 times.But the store selection was amazing.Everything from Chanel to Gucci to Barneys Co-op, (which carried a small selection of ice cream and BBC stuff and these sweet loomstate vans).But It was like a dream come true

Commissary- Hard as hell to find.But it was cool.A good selection of shirts from bounty hunter to stussy.

Im tired.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Dallas Day:1..

So..Today I landed in Dallas Texas at 11:35 am..I took some dope as pictures..But being as forgetful as I am..I forgot my USB cord at home..Which is madd miles away..I'm gunna try to find one for my camera..So you guys can have a little view of Dallas Texas..The weather sucks here and I wanna go back to Jersey..ya dig?..

On a side note..I'm jackin' lupe's "Nat Report" Idea..Feels good to type out what's on my mind you know? So lets call this the "Lyss Report"..Ha..

Lyss Report: Were friends..We talk a lot..And it seems like she's the only one I can talk to right now without getting mad at anyone else..I gave her a rose and a card I made for her..I put that shit in her locker before I left for Dallas..Soft right? haha..Oh well..Sometimes you just gotta do what feels right..I'm out!


the sink in my apartment exploded on me today...

I cant wait to go out tonight to this...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Where:The day after, 6757 Hollywood Blvd
Why:Apparently there will be loads of hot broads.
Who:FF,Greyone,Diamond,C&C etc etc

If you going to be there.Say hi.and buy me a drink.cause lord knows I need it.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Signing Off For Now..

Well guys..Its time..I'm leaving for Dallas within' 6 hours..And I hate taking off and landing on planes..Don't ask me why..But hopefully ill have a laptop and photoshop so I can atleast show you Texas..haha..Anyways..Until then..PEACE HOMIES!!!

New Ice Cream Board Flips..

As you seen from hypebeast..The new Ice Cream Boardflips are ready to drop..And the colors are crazy and wacky just as the clothing..I LOVE IT..haha..nah but for real..All of these will be available at your local Ice Cream Retailer..And mall shops..I know the first series sold out..Don't sleep peoples..

Bapesta! Box..

Well I got curious..Ever wonder that red mark on the side of the Bapesta! Footsoldier box? Well I did..And I took it apart to find an Ape face with Sta's in it's eyes..Crazy right? Or did you already know..Bitches..

We keeps it real!

So here at hypebeast we like to keep it interesting for our community.So starting today, Im gonna do alot of random shit.

If you post/view on hypebeast and you would like me to bother you and ask you random questions and post them on here, please email me your pic and like a small about yourself to

Then Ill eventually get back to you and put you on here for a random quickie.

for example:

Featured Hypebeast Member

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Rep your Hood: 212 since '03- 732 since '85

Fav Clothing Brands: upper playground, spoonfed, dior, merauder band shirts, and hanes wifebeaters

5 Most played artists in the IPOD: Sims-Merauder-P.O.S- Mobb Deep- Murs

Method of transportation: 6 train

Are you "down": well, I live in Manhattan, I rock doorknockers, I wear dunks, I'm kinda spanish, and I like underground hip hop, aren't I the prototype for DOWN

Are you aware there are only like 4 real live girls on hypebeast?: I think that it's a male dominated thing, you know, the beasting of the hype.But whatever.

If you had to be stranded on a dessert island who would it be with?: this hot dude I see all the time that I'm too pussy to talk to, or Jim Jones, you know, I'm in love with a thug.

Last words: Peace- rep your hood- rip j dilla

Randoms Featuring: KB

1. What's your favorite food place back in VA.?

KB: chick fillet..golden corals..But what I miss from VA most is the UTZ crab chips..

2. What does Skateboarding mean to you..And how does your definition make it different from other peoples?

KB: Skateboarding is more then just a meaning to me dawg..skateboarding is ALL I know...I mean I literally can say I skated my way from VA to California..That's what brought me here and where ever else I end up is because of skating ya dig?..So skateboarding to me..Is my life and I live it..And my definition really can't differ from others..There is those who know what I mean and those who don't..Those who live what we live and don't really live what we live

3. Board Flip or OG?

KB: defiantly the OG..Just got 2 pair of white and red diamond and dollars today matter fact..And yeah they will always be my favorite shits for sure

4. Who's your favorite artist out now..

KB: Pharrell of course..

C.Lee: C'mon homie..Who else..

KB: Clipse..They been killin it lately..And I've had a sneak peak of their upcoming album it's nuts..Did you hear that shit Mr too?..pffffffft

C.Lee: Haha..Yeah I've been on that for a while..shits insane..

5. What do you think of all the online sites that feed information to the people..And the haters on them?

KB: I stay in my own little world and lane..And just enjoy everything to it's fullest..No room for any hate in my life now days..I love the fans of course..They are great die hard fans..And they will always be there..The others..heh..Couldn't see the light like baby Jesus and the manjor
6. How do you feel about the word "Chuchh"
KB: that shits fuckin tight..CHUUUUCH
CLee: Thanks for your time homie!!!
KB: its all love CLEE since Day one..Anytime STAR TRAK - ICE CREAM - BBC - APe

Bape x Kaws Reversible..

Man reversible is the new hotness..I have to admit..These reversible shirts are very very dope..I will have to add some of these to my collection..This Bape x Kaws Kills it..

Ace Web

Chains and Chains...

Well today was a good day..I got my 10 Deep Chain Gangs hoodie and t-shirt..Thank god I got it before Dallas..It would have sucked to wait for it until Wednesday..Anyways..I cant wait to rock it..I heard these jams are goin for over 2 bills on eBay..Dam son..

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Ice Cream Hoodies..

Missed out on the first batch that had the plain Ice Cream on it? Don't fret..BBC/Ice Cream updated their site with a Tokyo Store exclusive "running dog hoodie"..Since this is a Tokyo Exclusive..Better jump on it quick!

Internet Amendments..

So I got an email..Saying the Amendment passed..And basically I'm getting Effed..I mean..I don't know if its true..Or if its not..I do know that I signed the petition..Did you? Shoulda listened to Mr. Diamond on the Forum..Time will tell..For move info go Here..

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

EH & Co. X Diamond Supply Co.

Check out the Elle Hamm x Diamond Supply Co. 3/4 Hoodie that's droppin' at the end of summer..Very Original in my eyes...Watch the Biters..You seen it first on here.. ;)

Lupe: Touch The Sky Mixtape..

Well just about everyone has the non-mastered version of the Food and Liquor..well check out this Touch The Sky Mixtape.. Lupe dropped on Mix Unit..looks like hes got some new songs and some old ones on it..i cant wait for that album man...Oh can watch the "Kick Push" video from the link below..

Buy It Here

BBC/Ice Cream Update..

Well I got the email today..Saying that they stocked the website with some of the new items..The only new product on the site is the Red,Yellow, and Blue Diamond Dollar Fullzips..But uhm..Ace Web has that yacht/flamingo tee..Which is very terrible..I don't understand the meaning of this series..Please explain "Skateboard" P....


Nothing new to report. Im not seeing anything exciting enough to talk about right now.

More new bape soon?

The new issue of cool magazine shows a picture of what seems to be an apee crazy camo tee and nigo rocking the un-11 chompers/rainbow chompers. Could these be soon on the way? Only nigo time will tell.

[Secret Base]

A Bathing Ape Spring/Summer Catalog v1.1: April 28th

A Bathing Ape will release its Spring/Summer v1.1 catalog this Friday, April 28th in Japanese bookstores. Looks like the present this time will be a tote bag... again. But what's more interesting is the blue with black outlining camo displayed on the cover. Can we expect a new camo pattern from Mr. Number 2? We'll have to wait and see.

Pic from Secret Base

Monday, April 24, 2006


Well the day is finally here..The ALIEN launch party..Check out the flyer above..Hopefully ill be able to make it..Its the day I get back from Dallas..We'll see..

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fausto Vitello

When you say God Father..I mean God Father of Skateboarding..He started Thrasher Magazine and most of the skate products you know and use til this day..Well Fausto Vitello passed away just yesterday..If we could please have a moment of silence when you read this in honor of him..Thank you..

"Skateboarding wouldn't be what it is today..If it wasn't for him.."


Remember yesterday the shitty ass picture I posted of Jerz..Well check out this one..Right out of my sun roof....Ha..You can see the front of my hood...But cheaa..It was beautiful out..Jeans and a T..And I guess the weather goes with my life..Things are startin to look up...chuchhh..

Ice Cream Underwear..

What the hell..I knew they made Bape Camo Boxers..But Ice Cream..Boxer briefs..I don't know about you..But if I was chillin wit a girl..And we got in the moment..And the pants came off..And I had a dog on my crotch..Id feel madd awkward..kinda like the underwear you'd where with the super hero's or cartoons on it when you was a kid..haha..What the ...I'm speechless..Burn these please..

Lazy Sunday

Today was another shitty weather day In LA...but, whatever..its sunday...a day that is reserved for shopping and I went over to Santa Monica to do the usual sunday ritual of undefeated, and Enterprise Fish company.

Nothing real new and exciting to report. A big shout out to Alex at RogueStatus.He let me know today that more of their "machine gun" hoodies are possibly in the works.And on a side note, he is one of the nicest dudes I met out here in LA so far.I definitly support those guys 100%.

and then theres this lil guy.Who had more money is his lil hands then I think I have in my bank account.

Image hosting by Photobucket


So.. I would love to show you pics from the leroy jenkins art show, and the commissary party..but unfortunatly I slept through both of them..and woke up at 11pminstead

I however did stop by greyone today, where we picked up the surface-to-air adidas..

Image hosting by Photobucket

and this army man charm made by Han Cholo (I tried so many times to get a clear shot, sorry!

Image hosting by Photobucket

LAX was a shit show as usual.Took some funny pictures.Saw some familar faces. What up nick!

bed time.


It was so terrible out today..I mean what the hell is going on with this weather..Just two days ago I was outside wearing shorts and a t shirt..Now I have to wear a winter jacket?!?..I just want summer to come..The winter is getting played out..All you jersey heads know what I mean..

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Supreme Drop LA or NY..

If anyone was the first 10 in line for the Supreme drop in either LA or NY..Please contact me via email...You will be featured on something..yada mean? Ha



ID My Nikes!

Well today was the worst day of my life..Well second most..But the one high point was going to Nike ID and making some shoes..Ha..Here they are above..Feel free to comment.. + or - ..Thanks Nate for putting up with me haha..

Supreme Supreme..

all I have to say..Is.....Wow..

Smart June 2006 Issue Released: Supreme Cotton Hand Towel!?

Ok, I stand corrected; THIS has to be the coolest (and possibly the hypest) item that will come free with a magazine this season in Japan. The new June issue of Smart includes, that's right, a Supreme box logo hand towel. This thing isn't tiny either; it's roughly 7 x 24 and comes in bright red with white lettering. Good thing too because I needed a hand towel.

Bought at 12:30 during my lunch break, sold out by the time I left work. Nice.

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Weekend Guide

Seems like there is alot going on this weekend if you live in/around LA..

what to do what to do...

Ill prolly go to this....

Image hosting by Photobucket
Then perhaps this...

Image hosting by Photobucket

and probably end the night at LAX a drunken mess...

Supreme x Nike Blazer drop

Things im glad I did today:
Brush my teeth
Go to the pita pit on sunset

Things im glad I didn't do today:
Go anywhere near supreme

I was reading
The Hundreds page this afternoon, and I saw this crazy photo of the line this morning.
Image hosting by Photobucket

doesn't anyone in LA have school or work?!?!?!

Note to self: People are out of control.

Oh and bobby, I see the Hundreds Crew was in my hood today.You could have at least called. I am hurt.

Photo courtesy of:The Hundreds

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Weird Pictures..Part I..

Ever take a random ass picture and then just have it be all weird and shit..Ha..Well I did..I thought I was just taking a normal picture of the interior of my car..And then next thing you know..BAM..Weird..Well..I thought it was cool..Ha..

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood Part II..

While chris was enjoying the weather over in Jerz, I too was enjoying the beautiful day over here in sunny California. I sat out on my balcony for some fresh air and drank some diet dr pepper.Everyone knows how much I love DP.Well if you dont, now you do.I also sat blasting the new taking back sunday(and annoying everyone on floors 1-10)...and I know what your thinking..TBS? Thats so not gangsta Kate!! Well, everyone has a softspot for Indie Rock.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood..

Well..Last night sucked ..Tossed and turned in my sleep ALL night..Waking up every half hour..No good man..Anyways..Today is 420 as you know..So that means..No one was in school..Well you get the clues..I know superintendents from high school go on peoples sites..And try to suspend them for putting stupid shit on their myspace/blog/website..I aint tryin to get introuble..Ha..Anyways..After finally going to sleep at 4 am..I woke up at 705am to being tired as hell and cranky..So I told moms I aint feel good..blah blah..Ended up falling asleep outside and getting dark as hell..But peep my dogs havin fun out side..haha..It was a great day after all..

Yo! MTV Raps..

So I got a package today from Mr. Bird..And in this package was 2 packs of YO! MTV Raps cards and 3 Jordan Valentines Day Cards..( No Homo)..Man these things are old as hell..On the back of the MTV cards it says 1991..I cant even remember what I was doing back then..ha..Anyways..Thanks for the stuff man..I really appreciate it..

Etnies Ramp Causing Havoc..

Came across this on Crazy Steez yo!..Seems like the new etnies ramp in SoHo is pissing people off..So much that it made the NY Times!..haha..Read the full article here..

Randoms Featuring : Nick Diaaaamondd

1. Well Nick..tell us about Diamond and how it actually started out..not how people saw it from the internet..

Nick: I started Diamond as a skate hardware company back in '98..I made tee shirts for 2 years before I dropped any hardware tho... just to build up the brand name while I tried to perfect a new idea for skateboard hardware that I had..The hardware never really worked well so I decided to make the same basic hardware that everyone else made.... Since I was already sellin shirts it didnt really matter.. I guess people liked the tees so the regular hardware sold really good right off the bat..I also have been involved in skateboarding almost my whole life so even before I dropped the hardware and only had tees.... I assembled the best skate team u could ever ask that helped..I now make Bolts, bearings, griptape, riser pads, wax and basically any kind of skate accesories u can think of...I also have a wheel company called Fillmore..

2. Well now that the general public knows about Diamond..What would you rather have happen to you..scrape your knee with grip tape 50 times or take a bullet in the shoudler?

Nick: Are u serious?..Id rather get shot fo sho! hahahaaaa

3. So how much heat did you get for being the first person to hold in in a REAL picture and post it on the world wide web?

Nick: Oh man.... It was crazy!..I wasnt really trippin off of it at all.. I just posted the pic on myspace to show people the shoe I made..After work I went over to my friends store and he was like... you gotta see this!.. He showed me that someone posted the pic on Niketalk and thr wer 28 pages within 2 hours..I was like WTF!..i got lucky with that colorway.. I knew it would be good... I just had no Idea it would get that crazy..To be quite honest...not to sound like I am up on my own shit, but when I first got the sample I started laughing..

Chris: haha oh yeah?? and whys that..

Nick: I knew right away that people were gonna bug out on it! hahaha..It looked better than I expected..didnt know they would trip as hard as they did friend sold a sample pair I gave him for $2000.......

Chris: Wow...

Nick: then I saw a pair on ebay for like 1800..thats when the hype trail started really rollin..
4. So can we expect some type of shop in the future from you?
Nick: I am actually doin a store rite is on fairfax rite up the street from is a Fitted hat store that I am doing with Stevie Williams and the cats from Fitted in hawaii.... we make all our own colorways with New Era and reebok of all the best sports will be open in lesss than 2 months..its called Fitted LA..We will also carry fitteds from all our friends streetwear and skate brands..

5. LA Or NY..or both if you could teleport back and forth anytime you wanted..ha..

Nick: that's a hard one..... they are my 2 favorite places rite now..then SF and Barcelona.. wish NY had LA weather... then it would be the best place in the world..

6. whats the weridest situation/place you have been in..and how do you feel about marc ecko..

Nick: My weirdest place and situation is much too crazy to tell the masses...hahaa..


Nick: I don't know Marc Echo personally, but my friend designs shoes for him and makes a shitload of money..So all I can really say is.... good lookin out..haha

Nicks "two cents": If you aint bein hated on, you aint doin shit!
Chris: Thanks Nick..

Can or Can't..

Can or can't he skate?

Randoms Featuring: Le Messie..

1. Hulk or captain America..And who would win in a battle?

Le Messie: HULK!! He'll beat that painsy little under wearing fluke to shitts!!.... And then eat him! I despise superheroes with painsy uniforms that's why I love to kill them so much!

2. What were the best words of wisdom some one gave to you within the years??

Le Messie: You're a person that can do 2 types of things. Go 'do something', be out there, make a difference.... Or you can 'don't do something', live afulfilling normal life, white picket fence and everything.... But if you want to go do something be prepared for the drawbacks, the retaliation, the negativity.. Cause everyone who's succeeded in 'doing something' are continually going through them on one scale or the other and that's the 'small' price you pay for wanting to 'do something' the sooner you understand that fact the sooner you move and evolve.

3. Jenna Jameson..Or Lanni Barbie?..Ha..

Le Messie:Jenna can't hold her own anywhere close to Lanni.. Right baby lanni?

4. What's your feelings on the lupe album leakin on the internet? Dam pirates..

Le Messie: I like to look at it as a positive thing.. As Lupe said it's god's will, And I know things will be 10 times better than if it didn't get leaked at all,you wait and see... The leak will be the biggest blessing of his entire album.

5. Why and not .com?

Le Messie:Some drug consultants own!! DRUG CONSULTANTS!!! WTF! Besides ain' way cooler... = les minimal autistic children . telephaticvision

Take a break from Fashion and Hype...

And enjoy what has to be my new favorite music video/song. Further proof that Japan is the cutest country in the world.

The Wu is back!..again...and again...

I never thought that in 2006, we would see so many products and collabos related to a group that came out 13 years ago.However,I heart Wu tang as much as you all do, so Im not complaining.

Whether its kicks with the Wu symbol on it, the fabulous Mighty Healthy"Listen to Ghostface" shirt or the Alife x Raekwon tees, we have seen a huge resurgence of the Wu Brand this year.

The newest company to incorporate the Wu is Beautiful Society. They apparently have a shirt coming out incorporating Gza Lyrics into the design.

Image hosting by Photobucket

For more information on release dates and such..go here:BeautifulSociety

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

10 Deep Chainsss

Well the 10 Deep Chain Hoodies dropped around the internet and sold out within minutes..Common Wealth is out..DG..Basically everywhere..I got the tip off that Standard in ATL still has some of the white and grey hoodies..Better order quick they open at Noon tomorrow..

Phone #:1-404-355-1410

Ice Cream Face T..

I haven't checked out Ace Web in a while..And when I did..I found this Ice Cream Face Tee..I mean..There's not much Hype behind it..I don't even know what the hell it is..But I like the pink/green one..haha..


BBC/Ice Cream Website..

Well nothing new..But I have a feeling that they are going to update the site with all the new spring stuff..They basically took down all the old stuff and left up the Star Trak Hoodie and the Swavorski Tee..Basically the stuff that didn't sell..haha..nah but for all you people that love to order off the internet..Be on the look out..It could be any day now..

BBC/Ice Cream

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Custom Game..

Just when you thought you could custom everything..There's more..haha..Check out these custom M&M's I made..haha you can make your own too..Click here to make them..Shit I was bored..haha

*Weekly Drop* this week...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Checkout the weekly drop this week to hear what Rob and Jeff will be discussing with LA's own Buffmonster.

Los Angeles has long been associated with glamour, glitz, image and unreality. It has always been undeniably glossy and shallow. Reality, of course, remains easily accessible. The Buff Monster hails from the inhospitable streets of Los Angeles. Small and elusive, it thrives in a city with a historic graffiti problem. The Monster manifest itself in different forms, each working towards the same goal of graffiti eradication.....

Paragraph courtesy of Buffmonster

Check out WeeklyDrop

Few Things Left...

Peoples..I have count em..

1 BBC Navy Blue Pull Over Hoodie
Size Large
Price: 210.00 shipped to USA

1 BBC Light Wash Denim
Size M aka ''32
Price: 320.00 shipped to USA (Price Drop)

This is the only time you'll get deals on BBC Items..So buy while you can..
Thanks!! - ill answer you immediately as long as you hit me during the day time..haha


The weather is getting nice out and its time to bump some music..So head over to mix unit and cop some new mix tapes..I took a couple tracks off this ATL mixtape and the new Jimmy Mixtape..ahh I cant wait til summer..

Watch The Boondocks..

So I just finished putting all the episodes of the Boondocks on my iPod..And trust me..Its insane..How much better does it get watching the Boondocks in Highschool..mwhaha..Life is good : )

Whad Up Santana...

Just wait til the Bape catalog comes out..Man.,Oh man..mann stars..Ha..Ay Locust Post your shit on here beech..

Abstruse Society
Executive MBA
Get An Executive MBA from Top MBA Schools