Friday, March 31, 2006

A Bathing Ape "silent drop" #2: Full Camo reversible t-shirts

"Silent drops" are happening quite often now a days with A Bathing Ape, whether it be because staff is giving misleading information or someone is just neglecting to let the staff know in the first place. Anyways, today (March 31st, one day before the 13th year Anniversary of A Bathing Ape/Nowhere ltd.) dropped the infamous camo colors (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, and White) as a reversible tee. I managed to acquire a sold out Purple in size medium.

Reversible tees are definitely a product to invest in; not only is the material a tad thicker and more controllable than a standard t-shirt, but you get two designs for a slightly higher price of one. I rather like both designs (especially when a little purple camo sneaks into view from the bottom of the t-shirt) but I must say the stunning purple-camo color is here to stay.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Nike Dunk SB Tinker T-Shirt

Anyone remember this..I know I do..Came about two years ago..It had rough drawings of a Jordan III..I want to say..I could be wrong..But yeah..This never sold in shops..atleast by me..But it did bring up good memories when I seen it! haha..

[ Steez via NT ]

Holy Dunks..

It took me a while to decide if I was going to post this..But..Cot dam man..What are we talking about here..A couple of G's..If you click you can see him laying with his shoes..(No Homo)..But he's got some heat man..I'm not to fond of SB's..But..dudes just killing it..And yes they will be for sale eventually..So save his username..haha

[ HB Forum ]

Fapestas In Retails Stores..

When it comes to Fapestas in retail stores..You know Fape is saturating the market.."The House of Flava" in Mission Valley, San Diego carries Fape Shoes and Clothing for retail price!! So watch out the next time you think your buying a real Bape at "The House of Flava" its mostly likely going to fake..I mean just take a look at the pictures..Its self
explanatory..sheesh...Looks like this store name is going to be buried in the ground..

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Union LA Party..

Straight from Bobby's Blog..Pictures of the long awaited long Union LA..If you check over at Hypebeast..You can see all the collabs that Union is doing for their big opening!

Quoted from Bobby's Blog..

"It's finally here. UNION opened the doors to its new store tonight by throwing a majestic invite-only bash, replete with plenty of good drinks, a star-studded roster of street culture, and music courtesy of Just Blaze and Mos Def in a "DILLA UNION" tee."

Pharrell: In My Mind Prequel..

Mix Unit now has the long awaited Skateboard P "In My Mind" Prequel..I know everyone has been waiting for this album since November..I know its not the real thing...But atleast its something..Most of these tracks will most likely be on the album..Its only a matter of time before "In My Mind" Comes out..

quoted from Mix Unit...

"DJ Drama and hip-hop super producer Pharrell come together and get up in your ear with this long awaited, much anticipated mixtape. Skateboard P blesses Gangsta Grillz with all-exclusive freestyles and tracks, getting you affiliated with the Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream movements. Cameos from T.I., The Clipse, and Twista."

A Bathing Ape Official Members Club: End of May

For all of you holding Bape Cards, BapeMania will "Officially" open at the end of May, which means two excruciating months left before we can even attempt to get our hands on that exclusive black shark hoody. Keep checking out A Bathing Ape for the grand opening.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Well there was a lot of talk about what I wrote last night about the Culture..So much it made it to the Hypebeast Forums..Now to me..Its funny because people thought I directed it towards them..When in fact..It was just an open thought that has been on my mind..And peoples minds and it just had to be said..Feel me? Now..Whizz had mentioned we should expand it..I mean..I'm up for anything..This is just a blog..I can say whatever I want..So hit me up with some ideas..You can give your example..And ill give mine..Etc..It could turn into something good..You never know..Just drop a comment below..Or hit me up on AIM: C to the J L..

LMACS Work Space..

Man..Nice and clean...And organized I might add..ya'll really need check the Hypebeast Blogs..Messie and Lupe post some interesting things..I forget time to time that we have blogs on the site..haha..

Bape Store Hong Kong..

All I have is stain glass Bape Camo..ohh myyy..Is this a warehouse..haha I cant wait to see the insides..
[ High Snob and everywhere else on the internet ]

Teriyaki Boyz Tour DVD and CD Set..

You've heard about it in the past..The Teriyaki Boyz Tour DVD and CD set..Check out the sweet chopped and screwed CD you get..It should be very interesting..haha..You can preorder on Concept for $50.00 USD..Too much for my taste..I'll just resort to LimeWire..haha

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Laced Magazine..

Homies at Laced dropped their new Magazine..And let me tell you..Its something to read..Full description over at Hypebeast..My fingers are tired from typing..haha..Wonder why..

Where Has The Passion Gone?

People from the Hypebeast Forum..And friends I talk to online have inspired me to write about..Where has the culture gone..Everything I say is an opinion and..You can love it or hate it..Comments are DEFINITELY welcomed..Voice your opinion..This is a blog! haha

Where has the passion gone? People don't do things for culture, half the time they don't even have a good reason behind what they do..A good example is all these clothing line popping up here and there..And everything being a "secret" or.."Limited"..Or "collabs"..Give me a break..A good clothing company to look at is The Hundreds..Started up a few years ago..And look where they are at now..On the verge of being one of the hottest brand out to this date..They didn't start by making things limited..Or doing collabs..They did it for the sole passion of street culture and what they believed in..

Blood..Sweat and Tears is what makes it..Putting your 110% into it is what makes you who you are..People can have dreams...But it takes a determined person to pursue them..Sounds corny right? But its true..Look at my homie Quan Luv from ALIEN..He's tryin to make it in the hateful business and guess what..Its workin for him..shits sellin out the day it drops! Why? Because he got his head on straight..And he's determined to be something instead of some one hit wonder clothing brand..I've seen it all on the Hypebeast Forums..I've basically been with The Beast since day one..There had to be over 100's of new clothing lines that I NEVER heard from..It seems like..People just try to do things to be the next Nigo..And then once they realize its whatever's..They stop..

The funny thing is..Nigo didn't even want to be where he was today..I'm sure he dreamed about it..But I bet you it wasn't his plan..You say.." yeahhh suree".."What's this kid know" ..I know Nigo loved what he did..And that's why he is where he is today..And no..I'm not a "dickrider" since that's the cool term to use these days..Ha..

So what's your point Chris? My point is..People need to think..And they need to take the culture for what it is..Not what they try to make of it..People hate change..So when someone brings something new to the table..They automatically reject it because its new..And maybe "too hip" for them..So next time you think about starting Hot..Fresh and New..Take a step back..Think about what your doing..And if that's what you want to represent..Don't just throw it on forums and ask..IS THIS HOT? BRING THE HATE!..Shit like that..caz its just not needed..Think of it this way..If you wouldn't wear it..Why would anyone else? yada dig?

want to take this a step further ..Email me


Photo For A Day...

Common Wealth BBC Restock

Common Wealth Restocked the BBC/Ice Cream Spring line..So if you missed out on that money roll hoodie don't cry..Common Wealth has it now..And they shop worldwide too!

Phone: 757.622.3372

Nike Skateboarding Giveaway..

While were on the Nike SB topic..Don't forget to sign up for the give away..NJ had the Zoom-Tre's and everytime I see them I like them more and more..

Lunars at NJ Skateshop..

I know these dropped in some places..But the official release date is tomorrow...Wonder why? Because a new moon starts get it? Lunar..haha..Nike SB is sooo creative!! Anyways back on topic..NJ Skate Shop should be receiving their pairs tomorrow go on their site for their phone number and location

White/Bright Orange BBC Tee

Check out what I found on Pondon's item list..White/Bright Orange BBC shirt..Must be another Japan exclusive..Man..These needa come to the USA..

BBC Logo Full Zips!?!

I got the tip today that there are going to be an exclusive run of BBC Full Zip Logo hoodies released that were only meant for Japan. Most shops put their orders in today, no picture are available yet but as soon as they are..You know ill put them up..Anyways..Here's what will be released..colorway wise..
Black Hoodie with Glow in the Dark logo
White Hoodie with Gold Logo
Grey Hoodie with Navy Logo
**More Details still to come**

Stash Camp Out

I thought Recon NYC was bad..But it looks like the people in SF had it a little worse..Check it all out here..Oh and the shirt Stash is wearing above is still available at Recon/Nort NYC..


I've been in a very blahh mood lately..So that's the reason for lack of updates..Anyways..My boy Quan Luv added a new section to his site..ALIEN Mag..It has interviews with SHQ and Bobby Hundreds..Definitely a good look..Keep doin ya thing Quan..

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ice Cream Boardflips..500% Profit

I knew No Tone was over priced but not like this..Ice Cream Board Flips for $325.00...hahaha..You can go to your local Foot Action and get them for $80.00 or better yet if you were able to order them from the RBK Sale..You coulda got them for half off..Thanks to Locust for finding this..Its too funny..

[ Bape Talk ]

Nike SB Zoom Tre

Active Mailorder now has the Zoom Tre by Nike SB..I seen this in Blades yesterday for the first time..And they look good..The toe area is made out of a weird plastic holey material..Looks good for skating..I didn't get a chance to try them on but..If I had an extra 100.00 laying around..Id pick them up..Hopefully this will not flop..Like a lot of the Nike SB shoe besides the Dunker..


Ahh yes..So if you read the post from last night..You would have known I picked up the Spring/Summer Bape Catalog and the new Boon with the Bape Neck Warmers..It sucks I cant read Japanese..But the pictures are dope..And hey I got a Bape tote bag..That I will never use..atleast I can use the stickers and the neck warmer..Ha..

Bought that Bape catalog at Busy Works..
Boon at Zakka..If you don't know where Zakka is..Hit up the NYC Shop Guide..

MIKE hoodies!!

My girl Lacole was rockin' the one above..And I must say it was fire..Too bad she didn't want to sell it to me for $20.00..haha..Oh well go cop now!!

Order Here

Nigo all grown up?

The newest issues of hong kong's milk and tea magazines will be featuring bape's newest line of clothing inline with the opening of the hong kong bws. Nigo seems to be going for a new look, sporting the 5 o'clock shadow and everything. Head of over to tk's blog at think silly to see the other covers.

Messies Brining that Heat..

Cot dam..When I got the email..My jaw dropped..Feel me? Full scoop on Hypebeast..Dunnys..

[ LMAC ]

New York...New York!

What a day..Well anyways..Just got in..Not that tired..Might as well do one update..I've been so busy this weekend..But check it out..Today I decided to go to New York with some friends and just chill..I guess..Whatever's..Anyways..Here's how it went..(its a quite funny story)

Got into the city around 3PM. Went to eat at Acme..Then walked over the NORT..Keep in mind it was 3PM..And there was still a line outside the front..People are nuts..Although I got to see that MIKE hoodie up close..I wish it was a zip and not a pull over..But its still dope..

Then..We started heading over to BWS and ran into Fape man..Its funny..I seen about 3 of these today..Fape is REALLY taking over..We got people walking into BWS with Fape Multi Camo..Its funny..But its whatever's..Oh and he also had on Fake Red Monkeys..And uhm..Olympics..I want to say..(Thanks for letting me randomly take a picture..haha)

NEXT! Ms. Mackin' (Lady Friend) wanted to go to Fcuk..Yeah..I know..Fcuk..What was I thinkin'..Oh well..Here's a shot of the crew that I met up with..Sorry guys no pics of the girls..(fuckin pervs)

Left to right
(Junior, "Reseller", Chopz, V-Mak, and Cam)

After Ms. Mackin' bought her lucky Fcuk shirt..We decided to head over to Union..But before all this we went to Kid Robot..(yeah I know KR is before Union..I'm too lazy to go back up a paragraph)..Anyways..They had the Air Max Rocket ships..Thought that was dope..

Then over to the Adicolor store..It was really dope..They had some sick shit in there..They had this all over Adicolor sweatshirt (300.00)...shits nuts..Really made me think about buying the whole kit..Dope garage door..I might add..

I kept seeing these Dipset x Supreme posters everywhere..So I decided to get as many pics as I can of these..I don't know why..Just seemed like a good idea at the time..Ha

And then what I left with..Supreme Dipset Shirt..Thanks to Junior..And when I got home I had a Birthday Present waiting for me..Thanks homie..I really appreciate it!

Tomorrow ill post what else I got..Its too late to be taking pictures..Oh and by the way..BWS has Bape catalogs with the White Camo tote bag for 11.00 and Zakka has the new Boon with the Bape Neck Warmers for 11.00..I got red..Fresh..Ha..NIGHT! (pics tomorrow)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dave White Marvel Bape Sta Poster - Hulk and Spider Man !

"50 Limited,numbered . Size : A3 (40cm x 30cm) , 275gm silk paper. Pls contact us ( for pre-order. Price is 300 HKD 40 USD and 25 GBP"


Bape x Scarface...The Second..

I haven't been on Bape in a while so I thought id check it out..And to my surprise Bape x Scarface Second edition..On the site it says it releases on April 4th..I'm interested to check out the new shirts..Scarface is a classic..If you don't know who or what it is..I suggest you go to your nearest Block Buster..

Bape Generals Swavorski Shirts..

Check it out..Looks like Bape is running out of ideas so now they're going to swavorski all their old prints..nah I like the Generals shirt..I would like to see the Swavorski on jeans tho..That'd be dope..


Thursday, March 23, 2006

RBK Pick Ups..

Blogger wouldn't let me upload this pic last night..But this is how ridiculous it was..I think I O.D.ed..

Greedy Genius Hoodie..

You've seen their shoes..Now check out their all over print hoodie..Should be available in November..What do you all think..

[Shut Up!]

Freshjive VS Ape

First it was the Nigo shirt..But another one..C'mon freshjive..Your better than this..Your shit was hot when I worked at Blades..I don't know..This shirt disappointed me when I seen it..

Baby Milo Chicken or Pizza?

Hot Dog and Hamburger was for lunch..Now what will you decide..Chicken or Pizza..

Gabriel Urist Bape Chain..

Gabriel Urist has 6 A Bathing Ape Chains..The retail price is $400.00 for silver..For gold,gunmetal, and platinum are 475.00..YES..These prices are high you might think..But they're are only 6 more of these exclusive chains left..The first 10 were sold at Undftd..Last summer..So this will be the last chance to get one of these beauties..
Please contact for more info..

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who's Making The Smores?!

All I have to say is WOW..And you guys are crazy..Its going to be freezing the next couple of nights..The shoes drop Saturday!! And its only Wednesday..When I seen this on The Beast..I was speechless.."Hi, I'm going to camp out for 4 days..Possibly get a cold and die..But I love Stash x Nike so its worth it"..Hopefully ill make it there for the Saturday drop..It will be interesting to see what goes down..Fights possibly?

RBK Sale Flyer

Print this out and bring it to your local RBK Concept Store, Without the coupon you will not be able to get the 50% off

What An Afternoon..

Right after school I headed straight over to the RBK store in Killadelphia..Getting there was easy..Coming home sucked..But I got some DOPE kicks..(8 pairs in total)..I know my dads going to read this..And want to beat my ass..But hey..50%..When is this going to happen again! Anyways..Some kicks I picked up ALL the ice cream boardflips (40.00) Miami Vice ventilators (85.00 **Not on sale..But shit retail..Of course I had to buy) DGK's (40.00) and last but not least 2 pairs of Pumps..(50.00 and 70.00) one is an all white pair with Gum sole..And the other is Black Jean..kinda like medicoms..hehe..No pics of the shoes..Just boxes..Too lazy..And tired..But check out Hypebeast for FULL COVERAGE of the store..Plus a little secret I left out on my blog..hehe..Oh and if you go to Killadelphia..walk half a block down..thers a cheese steak place called Jim's Steak's..the best in Philly..
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