Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nintendo DS Lite

So I have always been a "supporter" (more on why I put that in quotes a little later) of Nintendo, but does it seem to anyone else that the DS is a failure system? I mean it's dual screen (studies show that the human eye can not focus on two screens at the same time), touchpad (giving your left hand quite a cramp), and backwards compatible to GBA... Nothing too mind blowing now that we've been exposed to it, right? While on the hand, PSP is 1 step further as always; Internet access, wi-fi connectivity, media player, larger screen... But now, just like every system, Nintendo is throwing out the DS Lite - a slimmed down version of the ginormous DS. Good idea definitely, but I still don't think it merits a pickup. I mean look at Gamecube; prices are as low as 50 bucks for a "next gen" system! That can't be a good sign.

Nintendo was my first system (Atari didn't really count because it broke after about 2 months of use) and I'll admit I was addicted to it. While the "blowing the cartridge and hoping it'll work" shit was nonsense, I loved it. Now that I have a PS2 and a PSP, I can't even imagine the future of gaming belonging to Nintendo (not to mention Micro$oft) ever again... What do you guys think?


Anonymous Johnny depp said...

You know, I thought the same thing until I played wario ware one night.
I was so all about it I had to pick up a DS, and no joke, I'm all about it.
And I just got Resident Evil for it tonight, which is cool.

10:33 PM  
Blogger ctothejl said...

Johnny Resident EVil is ILL..i got it for gamecube..

11:01 PM  

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