Monday, February 06, 2006

Marc Ecko "Getting Up"

So as you all know..Or maybe you don't..Marc Ecko's game Getting up will be dropping the 15th of this month..And to be honest I'm really excited for it...Well anyways..Since I do work at a video game store Ecko has sent a "Getting Up" art book..Being the kid I am..I snatched that quick..Haha..It was free promo..DON'T STEAL!! Haha..But I was looking through it and it really is an interesting piece of art....I want to call it..Yeah that suits it well..At the end of the book there are a bunch of pages to sketch...I'm very impressed..Many of you might be reading this..Like C to the J L..(or CLOTH as many of you Hypebeasters like to say) and Ecko? Yeah CtotheJL and Ecko..This games gunna be ill..I already got my "limited Edition pre ordered" haha..Here some shots from the book..It features some of the best artists..


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