Friday, February 10, 2006

"Inside" A Bathing Ape: Never before seen footage

Was searching around youtube tonight when I stumbled upon this video uploaded yesterday. It seems to be a leaked edition of exclusive footage "inside" A Bathing Ape. The first section reviews the process Nigo went through for silkscreening the limited to 100 "Nigo's Ape" t-shirts that were hand screened by the CEO himself (these have long sold out in 2002). All 100 were individually unique as you'll see in the footage. Footage after that recaps the recent developments of the Bape sister stores Bape Cuts and Bape Cafe. The final segment is the most interesting; it seems to be the only footage available to the public of the new Bapesta IIs and Skullsta Highs. Personally none peaked my interest, but definitely worth checking out. Thanks PSEA for the video.


Just in case the embedded link doesn't work, here's the permalink.


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