Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Greedy Genius..

Click The Picture To Enlarge..

Sorry about just leaving you guys with a link I didn't realize what time it was..And I was about to be late for work..But I'm home now..And took some good screen shots..So here you go..When I first saw the site..I pictures Bapestas..Nikes..And RBKs thrown into a bin..And wala..This is what you got..I honestly am looking forward..For Greedy Genius to drop..Their shoes look ill..


Anonymous nike_head said...

i kinda like what they got there. reminds me alot of bapes, funny tho b/c im not big on alot of the bapesta colorways lol oh well. lookin forward 2 wat they got lined up tho

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea i'm really down with this shoe.. It looks really nice and i like the color ways coz they are dope. Anyone know when these shoes will be released. I'm glad Greedy is coming coz i'm sick of Bapes everywhere

9:55 PM  
Anonymous badboyskicks said...

yea i totally agree that Bape is everywhere.. i'm tired of it too. I am feeling these Greedy shoes. Looks cool without the swoosh and star nike and bape carries. These look clean and cool with the color displaying itself and not just coz of a logo

10:10 PM  
Anonymous kicksfreak said...

OH SNAP !!!!! Is that diamonds i see on that black shoe ?? It better not be because i might have to commit a crime and rob a store for those when they release.

This is the same shoe i read on

10:14 PM  

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