Wednesday, February 22, 2006

AKA and KR

From the people that brought you Also Known As..Have now created a KR book..Steven Vogel has already received the new KR book..Here are his thoughts on it..

"I just got my hands on this beauty the other. Allen and the AKA crew have done it again. Even though the release of the recent aka book is fresh on everyone's mind, he has released a book on KR. Beautiful paper, great format and wonderfully put together. The alife crew also were part of the process and the combined talent of the two is seen in this killer book. Respect to Allen and alife, I don't how and when you guys sleep. So far, you can get the book at the 95 Gallery here in Berlin, with more places coming up real soon."

I know last time I was in the aNYthing store..They still had the Also known as book..I cant wait to get my hands on KR..

Quote Via Hypebeast Blogs..


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