Friday, February 03, 2006

2nd edition Bape Camo Bapestas

The 2nd edition Bape Camo Bapestas have officially dropped on February 2nd across all Japanese Busy Work Shops. The colors included red/orange, green/dark green (pictured), green/yellow, and white/grey (pictured). Along with these, the NYC "College" Bapestas were also released. Truthfully speaking the white/grey camos are a tad too dull, but the green camos are definitely hot. Pic provided by The Locust. Shoes provided by Chopstickz via Hypebeast.


Blogger privacys said...

Good Locust

10:16 AM  
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Blogger mike said...

omg those are fake look at the box and the ape sighn on the side its supose to be colord not white and another foot soldier box!!!!!!!

10:37 PM  

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