Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Yeahh..ill be outta the office for Wed-fir...This time I wont have my Laptop..So no updates...I tried to do a buncha updates today for you guys..Hope it lasts those three days..See yah Friday afternoon!

RIP J Dilla Billboard..

Picture by PWA

LRG Pick Up..

I literally went through hell and back to get this shit lol..Anyways..Thanks to Chase Killz for the hook up..4 boxes of LRG..Felt like Christmas day..Yeah I gotta snakeskin jacket..What now? shits illin' it! haha..Thanks again Chase..Definitely will be wearing all of this in the coming months..Its like a whole new wardrobe..haha


Don't we wish all of our teachers were this cool? Haha..Thanks to Snkr H3ad for the pic

Le Messie's BLOG On Hypebeast

I'm not sure if you guys have been keeping up with the Blogs on Hypebeast..But Le Messie's blog is FILLED with updates like the Diamond & Bones x Lmac..Lupe skating..Royal Magazine..Raffles Place, Singapore..etc..Also peep homie Kevin Ma's..He just went to the Puma event down in Seattle..

Krew Buckles

Do these look familiar?? They do to me..Only difference is what it says..Everyone's used to seeing BAPE with the Swavorski Crystals inside the lettering..Well the Krew belt looks exactly to same to me and only $12.99..haha now think of the mark up..Yeah..I can just picture the look on your faces..

Fallen Cobra Sweatshirts

Skateboard Clothing has taken a different approach in the last few years..I remember working at Blades and the shipment we got from all the different companies wasn't as ill as these hoodies..haha..Not bad either for only 59.99..Make it a full zip...People would be all over it..

KB x ???

I know we haven't heard from KB in awhile. Well let me update you guys on some of the things he's been doing. For starters he's been going on a lot of tours with his Cream Team, and now he's taking it a step further. Rumor on the internet Kevin Booker has some major upcoming projects with two upcoming hip-hop artists. He plans to intact a lot of future side projects along with the two. Stay tuned for more info and no, KB is not going to be a rapper for those of you that thought that. Also KB is filming an exclusive "What Skateboarding and Culture means to me" for Hypebeast. Check back in the next week for that exclusive footage!

Travis Barker Remix Shoe

CCS now has the Travis Barker Remix shoe..I think these shoes are dope..They look sorta similar to the Cream Boom Boxes..ehh whatever these are still ill..They come in white as well..But aren't up on the site yet..I know I ordered mine already..Ha

Bam Margera Engaged?

I'm sure all of you watch the TV show on MTV..Viva La Bam..Well now Mr. Margera is going to have a Ms. Margera..That special someone is Melissa Rothstein..Apparently they were old highschool buddies..Now this confuses me because not to long ago he was together with Jenn Rivell for a very long time..Oh well god knows what goes on in the crazy mind of Bam..

Info via CCS

Monday, February 27, 2006

Cotton Candy..

When have you ever seen this much cotton candy?? Haha..This is for one of my homie's campaigns for DECA..Yes I know...A lot of corny updates...But hey..whatchu want me to do..I'm locked in a hotel..In Cherry Hill..Might as well have some fun..Ha...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Desert and Regular Camo Hoodies

Anyone ever see these Bape Hoodies? Til this day I haven't seen anyone rock that Desert Camo hoodie..I think its one of the hottest hoodies that Bape put out..I would buy these any day over the new camo joints they are putting out..If anyone knows how old these are drop a comment..My homie Five Again Found these on 3peat

Bape Members Card...

Looks like the Bape Members card is going to take into effect..More info on Bape..I really wish they would do some member cards for NYC and all the other BWS stores..Id like to have a Bape credit card..haha..I know homie Locust gotta Gold one..Lucky beech..Maybe in the future?? From what it states.."Currently Available"..We shall see

Busy Work Shop LA

Hilton Hotel Room..

What a boring night..So I decided to take some pics of this hotel room..Peep all theshit around..Ordered some Donatos...I cant wait til the DECA conference is over..I just wanna sleep in my own bed...ehh whatever..Back to the internet..

Zach x Kaws Painting

Big ups to my cousin for drawing this Kaws piece..Very very nice..Can you decode what it says in Japanese?? Keep it up cousin..Watch out for him..

Supra Event

Click flyer in enlarge!

Meet the Supra Team in person at Active Burbank.. On March 2nd 2006..At 5pm...Free Gift with Supra purchase!! More info on Active

Welcome To Cherry Hill..

So I thought this hotel wouldn't have wireless internet but I was wrong..Well I made it here safe..Only about an hour away from my house..But it still sucks..I hate not being home..Anyways I'm here for an organization called DECA..Its for marketing students..Two of my homies have to compete..And hopefully they'll win..What do you get you might ask..A free trip to Dallas Texas..Philly is only 1o mins away from where I'm at..hmm maybe ill go pick up some more creams..hehe..

Gone For A Few..

As the title reads I will be on a school trip until Monday night..Then again Wednesday through Friday...I'm not sure if the Hotel has wireless internet..If they do ill update more..But if the blogs not updated..Sorry..It'll be back..Hopefully my homies..The Locust and Common 1 will hold it down while I'm gone..

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Emerica Slip-On

Never was big on slip ons..But when I went on Active these caught my eye..Looks like a lot of companies are going the "colorful" route this season..Should we call this Muti-Emericas?? haha..If you want to order click here ..

Pharrell Concert

Thanks to KB for this pic..Check out Rell's concert that took place last Thursday..Looked wild..Heard the crowd was chanting Ice Cream..Ice Cream..haha..Oh yeah..And check out the new Cream Jeans..

New Ice Cream Shirt?!

New Spring/Summer Ice Cream T shirt?? I like it..How about you guys??

Thanks to Mikeboi for the pic..

Apee at Ace Web

Ace Web now carries Apee products..All you have to do is click A Bathing Ape at the top and it'll re-direct you to all the Bape Items..You can also buy BBC and Ice Cream on Ace Web..For those of you that didn't know..Which is few..haha..Oh and check out the Baby Milo tag on the Apee product..

Headporter iPod Cases...

Ohhhh...Ohhhh..damm! These are ill! I really hope Best Buy will replace my iPod Mini with a Nano so I can buy one of these Headporter cases..These are ill! There's a bunch of different styles but I thought the ones above were the hottest..Check out Ace Web for more cases and info!

Nike 6.0 Website..

We've all seen the shoes..The socks..The belts..But ever check out their site..Tonight was the first time I have..WAYYY better than Nikeskateboarding..As you all know Pac Sun dropped a Nike 6.0 Dunk..More info can be found on Hypebeast about that..But for now..Check out the Nike 6.0 website..Your going to need Flash 8..So if you don't have it Download it before!

South Africa Stadium performance

Lets switch it up a little bit..More hip hop news...Quoted from Allhiphop

"Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg will headline the the first People's Celebration in South Africa in April. The rappers are on the bill with a variety of international artists, including South Africa's leading performers. Sean Paul, Mario, Rihanna and others will perform to celebrate the success of Premier Foods, South Africa's largest 100% black-owned company. Organizers are planning to make the Peoples Celebration Concert an annual event. "We feel it's time we gave our consumers something back in return," Premier Foods Chairman Mxolisi Zwane said. "We are committed to this idea and will be reaching out to consumers and communities with both our products and programs to ensure dignity and economic empowerment for all." The festival starts Apr. 27th at Johannesburg Stadium. On the 29th, the tour stops at ABSA Stadium in Durban and makes a final stop at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town on May 1. For more information visit www.peoplesconcert.co.za."

I know Rell's concert yesterday was ILLIN' it..Just imagine in South Africa..


Can you figure it out?? I know ALIEN is definitely a NEW YORK thing..And man..I sure do have a sugar tooth..Peep the ALIEN site for the other store..I'm basically giving you guys the answers!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

New Ice Cream Dog T

The "running dog" logo I posted awhileeeeeeee back is now available at Concept Shop for a Whopping $103.00 dollars..Thanks to Five Again for the find..Here are the links for each of the colors..So you guys wont have to search..haha...


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Yo-Yo Contest..Bape Style..

Thanks to Wake Guy once again on this one..He found this on You Tube..Its a Baped out Yo-Yo contest..aka ridiculous..Not only is the guy Baped out..He's got two full zip hoodies on..Pretty hilarious..Check it out here

Ice Cream Denim..Color Number...

Man..A lot of rare Ice Cream/BBC denim has been popping up everywhere..According to Concept Shop..These are a rare pair of Denims..Unlike the 1st editions released..The dog is red instead of white..As are the Space heads on the pockets..I think the red stands out more..And I like it better than the whites..What other wild colors shall we see? Only time will tell...These jeans are priced at a low $379.00..haha I joke I joke..I Keed I Keed!

Thanks to my homie Five Again for the find..Good to have you back on the East Coast!


Man people would do just about anything..To get their hands on the new ALIEN gear..I know I would..haha anyways..While browsing Quan's blog..I've come to find out the ALIEN Jungle Pack and King Grills Hoodies are dropping VERY VERY SOON..As in SOON SOON..haha..Get the hint??..As to where these will be available its a BIG secret..Can you guess? Go to Quan's Blog for more info..

On A More Serious Note..

I don't know if you guys have been noticing..But there has been a semi-lack of updates..Reason why? I've been doing a project to raise awareness for Alzheimer's... For those of you that don't know what that is..Its when the elderly tend to loose their memory..Basically forget who their friends..Family..And sometimes even their own identity..Anyways..I had to make a HUGE poster about it and raising awareness..And next week I'm making a presentation infront of judges..And hopefully if I win..I get to go to Dallas Texas as a prize..Big prize eh? Anyways..So my apologies if I ignored you on AIM/MSN today..Or threw up an away message randomly..I've been busy! haha..
Comments are welcomed on the poster..I need feedback..Be my prejudges!!
( I know weird topic..But just go with it!)

C to the J L Got Accepted To College!?!

Haha that's right..I finally got accepted to College today..I don't think it has hit me yet..I still feel the same old Chris..Maybe when its the week before ill start freaking out..Here I come New York..You ready for me?

Talk Asia

Thanks to Wake Guy..Check out this teaser article on CNN's Talk Asia featuring Nigo..Quoted from the page:

"The Bathing Ape, or BAPE, phenomenon began in 1993 when Japanese DJ and style-icon Nigo opened his first shop in Harajuku, Tokyo. Working by intuition, Nigo's business took off on the strategy of exclusivity. And whether by default or not, BAPE became a cult brand and is today an icon of street credibility. Nigo talks to TalkAsia about the company's expansion in Japan, and beyond."

Be on the look out for this interview to drop this week..

Bape Button Up

Beats the patchwork button up..haha although it looked OK in pictures on of my good friends bought it and it didn't look so bad..But I think ill stick to plain colors..So far Concept..Has pictures of the Blue and Green Button up..Will there be Purple..Pink..White..And Red..We shall see..

Nike SB x Supreme Blazer

Yeah yeah...Next!..C'mon who actually thinks these are hot? I know I don't..Nothing will ever compare to 1st and 2nd Supreme dunks..Ok yes..These have gold sparkles in the check..Big whoop..Maybe I'm coming down a bit hard on this blazer..But..I personally think its terrible! haha..Nike and Supreme please stick to Dunks..Much nicer in my opinion..The only colorway that's is ALRIGHT is the while/gold..Otherwise the rest is..blahh
Pics Via Hypebeast Via Isabellaibeba

Boon April 2006 with Bathing Ape Neckwarmers released

By far the coolest "present" given away with a magazine; the new Boon issue released today on Feb 23rd with A Bathing Ape "Neckwarmers." They are basically elastic-bound scarfs made of fleece. Even though winter is almost over, these are easily the most complimenting accessory to go with your camo hoodies. Two different ways to rock - as a neck warmer, or as a bandit.

Due to the overwhelming demand last time with the Bape Bandanas, I can not provide a service to buy these for you. Besides, the bookstore I bought it from opened at 11, I bought mine at 1, and sold out when I left for home at 5. !!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

To all footlocker, finishline, footaction employees

To begin this post I would like to make a little disclaimer:
The statements that are made by myself do not reflect those of the blog.

So on to my tirade. Upon a recently trip to my local shopping mall I suddenly realized why I hate the employees at the titled mentioned locations. My experience at my local footlocker went something like this:
me: what up man you getting the black views dropping this weekend?
employee: black views naw man they aren't coming out here. Try eastbay
employee: yo they releasing more of those dmp's man I'm hyped?
me: what yea right think of nike as a business, releasing as said shoe that was limited would all but kill their business model.
employee: I don't know man it's dope they are doing it.

I leave the store not a bad experience but my finishline experience top the day for me.
me: are you getting and of the future Jordan releases.
employee: noo we never get those (as a pair of XXI) sit on the wall
employee: all I see in the book are XXI red and black this weekend.
me: so you don't get them but you are getting the limited XXI on sat?
employee: they aren't limited for the limited stuff you need to go to niketown
me: they are limited they are full suede
employee 2: didn't they already come out?
employee: yea they did they aren't limited
me: what yea ok check your book again and then go to hypebeast and tell me they aren't limited
walked out the store

So the moral of the story I hate know it all salesmen who don't know anything. Does anybody know the screening process for these hires. haha ok you may now enjoy the rest of your evenings.

Greedy Genius..

Click The Picture To Enlarge..

Sorry about just leaving you guys with a link I didn't realize what time it was..And I was about to be late for work..But I'm home now..And took some good screen shots..So here you go..When I first saw the site..I pictures Bapestas..Nikes..And RBKs thrown into a bin..And wala..This is what you got..I honestly am looking forward..For Greedy Genius to drop..Their shoes look ill..

Hoodies At Busy Work Shop SoHo

Sorry sorry..I forgot to post about stuff at BWS..I know its mid-week but I had off from school Monday and Tuesday..So it still felt like the weekend..But they had the new Kaws x Octopus Hoodies and a few Windbreakers in just about all the colors..You know the ones wit the Ape Head that say A P E..I'm going to NYC this Saturday to link up with my ALIEN crew..So expect a full report..Oh and also..The Locust and I are throwing together a World Shop Guide..I will be covering places in the USA and Locust will be covering places in Japan..People in London are more than welcome to help..!! haha...Anyways here's the link..World Shop Guide

Stussy Spring and Nike Bible 2006 "Mooks" released

So when I first came to Japan, one of the first things I bought was a Bape Catalog for Summer/Fall 2005 with the purple cover (No, I do not have anymore), and fell in love with these so called "mooks." Today (and yesterday) saw the release of two new "mooks"; the Stussy Spring 2006 Collection (awesome cover design!!!) and the Nike Bible 2006. The Stussy book is pretty nice; some nice stuff to cop in the next few months. The Nike Bible on the other hand isn't as informative; it's more of a review of what came out, what's hot, what's nikeID all about, an article on the AirMax movement, and etc etc. Both came with stickers and round back pins. Nothing to go nuts over, trust me.

For pics of what's inside, please buy the book.

AKA and KR

From the people that brought you Also Known As..Have now created a KR book..Steven Vogel has already received the new KR book..Here are his thoughts on it..

"I just got my hands on this beauty the other. Allen and the AKA crew have done it again. Even though the release of the recent aka book is fresh on everyone's mind, he has released a book on KR. Beautiful paper, great format and wonderfully put together. The alife crew also were part of the process and the combined talent of the two is seen in this killer book. Respect to Allen and alife, I don't how and when you guys sleep. So far, you can get the book at the 95 Gallery here in Berlin, with more places coming up real soon."

I know last time I was in the aNYthing store..They still had the Also known as book..I cant wait to get my hands on KR..

Quote Via Hypebeast Blogs..

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Weekly Drop Episode 7

The new Weekly Drop has been released..This one features Lupe Fiasco..Quoted from Weekly drop:

"Hip-hop rising star, and member of the sneaker intelligentsia, Lupe Fiasco, talks about it all with Weeklydrop! We talk fireside chat style on topics like: Lupe's new Reebok deal, Jay Z meeting BAPE's Nigo, his connection to the online sneaker scene, and just about everything else you can imagine. A full half hour interview!"

Download it here!!

New Nikes At Standard

Standard just received these yesterday..The limited Airmax 360 Premium Kashima Antlers and the Airmax 95 Premium Kashima Antlers..Honestly the Airmax 360's look wack..Colors are way off..And its just a busted shoe..But I am feelin the Airmax 95's..Order up!
Standard ATL

Supra Footwear

Yes I know I just updated with active..But Supra Footwear deserves its own post..You might have seen this on The Hundreds! a few weeks back..Well not active mailorder is carrying Supra..My first thoughts..Supra is going to be one of the hottest skating shoes this year..Buy now before they sell out!
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