Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sneaker Game...Part 3...

So its a slow night and there's not that much info going on..on the internet..(weird phrase?? haha)..So lets get back into my "New to the Sneaker Game" Posts..Tonight we have special guest The Locust..From the HB Forum..The topic will be how the internet has affected the sneaker culture and more..Well lets get started..Shall we?

Chris: You can basically find anything on the internet..Clothing..To shoes..To magazines..To porn..You name it..The internet has it...Without the internet today..Myself..And everyone else who reads my blog or orders things off the internet wouldn't be here..Look at all the blog sites that are out..Some of my favorites are Hypebeast..SlamxHype..High Snob..And of course my own Blog..Each of these sites tell you what's coming out or where to get the following things..It makes it 100 times easier for you to find what you need..Instead of searching on Yahoo! Or Google..Without all the sites above the sneaker culture wouldn't be what it is today..Look at it this way..Its free advertisement for all the companies they post about..Lets not forget about eBay..People sell the shoes sometimes for 3 times the retail..It's all about supply and demand..And how rare and "exclusive" the product is...So next time you open up your internet and go onto one of these blogs..Just think what it would be like without them..Where would you turn to?

The Locust: Well that's a double edge sword; here we have the possibility to buy almost any pair of shoe or article of clothing you have ever wanted, regardless of age, rarity, and exclusivity. But on the otherside, the "thrill" of having rare stuff is drastically lowered. What was once exclusive to Japan or US can now be easily bought online from many "resellers." For the most part the internet plays a vital role to the distribution of what people want and most people will say it's a godsend, but I suppose it's depending on the person. Of course people on the other hand hate the idea of internet distribution because resellers jack the price up sometimes 15x fold. This seems,along the surface, like they are "taking advantage" of people, but many people live by the rule that "if you really wanted it so badly,you'll find a way to get it," and in the long run it's true.


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