Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Interview with Michael from Orisue

I was searching the Hypebeast Forum..And I came across Origami clothing..Then it disappeared for a little while and re-launched under Orisue Clothing Company... Anyways..Besides that..Orisue has some ILL designs..When I first saw it my jaw dropped and I was just amazed..Orisue makes designs that people want..They are a clothing company for the people...Anyways..Check out this interview I did with Michael from Orisue..

Chris: Let's get the easy questions out of the way in one shot..haha..So Michael..What's your full name..Where is Orisue based out of..And how did it come about..Also..How do you properly pronounce Orisue?

Mike: My name is Michael Huynh and I am the Creative Director at Orisue Clothing. We're based out of Fountain Valley, California.. Orisue Clothing promotes positivity and try to heal people with messages for the growing mind to reach self-empowerment..We started out as a nonprofit organization to help the unfortunate..And since fashion is the best way for us to express our company, we decided to do clothing to fund the company..Orisue is the origin name that the word "origami" derived from. Our philosophy is very simple..A paper is plain and simple. But when you fold it into an origami, it becomes art and most definitely craftsmanship. In retrospect to life, you are given this life..Decorate it, do something of it. A lot of people don't know how to pronounce our company, but its pronounced as "OH-RAY-SUE." I'm trying to design stuff that is freshly fitted, while keeping my foundation of how it all started..

Chris: Dam Mike..That's impressive starting off as a non-profit organization..haha yeah..I'm sure a few people had a hard time figuring out how to pronounce Orisue. How did you come up with your concepts?

Mike: Our designs and concepts are based off of powerful and inspirational quotes by humaniatarians that once lived or around the world..However, we do have some designs that just blunty funny hehehe..But never the less, hold onto our positive outlook.

Chris: that's dope..I love all your designs..They're definitely eye catching..So..Orisue is a team? Or your running it yourself..Because you did say above your the creative director?

Mike: I am the original designer of all the current designs. I am now the Creative Director of the company because we're working with a few artist on our next line. We're very excited and stoked about them already!

Chris: so on the hypebeast forum..Why the Re-launch..Were there complications with the name origami ?

Mike: When we initially first started, I made sure the name wasn't trademarked by anyone. I guess the website that I searched under wasn't official. So we were excited and proceeded with the name. As soon as we launched the line, we had soooo many positive feedbacks and responses from the community, especially the love that we got from Hypebeasters!
The team stayed late at the office that night and responded so many instant messages and emails..We were so stoked, we didn't want to leave the office! Hahahaha...
As soon as I woke up, I got a call from Greg from Origami Clothing..(Phat Farm) He told me there's bad news and that the name was trademarked. I was totally confused as to what to do next. So we had to think of a new name immediately and made changes to the designs so that we can still attend Magic Trade Show in February. There is nothing major between Origami Clothing and us. As a matter fact, we were invited to attend their afterparty in Las Vegas after the Magic Trade Show..For some reason, after we launched our new line with the new name, people like the name Orisue better..

Chris: haha man..That's awesome you guys rebounded from the bad news..And just came out with Orisue so quickly..I personally like the name better..Its more catchy..How did you come up with that in such a short time span?..Did any other names come into play?

Mike: Most definitely man, got to keep on grinding. See the thing in life is that, if you want to achieve something enough, you should do whatever it takes to achieve it. And that's real. I did ALOT of research on our original name "Origami." Then there came a few other names that derived from the world Origami. origamis were originally called Orisue back in the endo ages. We had to choose a name that fits perfectly into our mission statement.

Chris: alright Michael..It was dope doin this mini interview..It seems like your heading in the right direction with everything..And I got your back on Orisue clothing.. Any last words?

Mike: I want to give a shoutout to those who stood by me since day one. Its through trial and errors that makes you a professional. Shoutout to my team Orisue, Hypebeasters, Chris (C to the J L), Richard (Hypebeast Admin that put Orisue on blast!), all the clothing companies out there, non profit organizations, and to Every that want to do something about it. Thank you for everyone's support! Peace!

Well that about raps its up..Thanks to Mike from Orisue Clothing Company for his time..There's definitely BIG things to come from the Orisue camp..Check back at my blog for more exclusive updates!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


please stop the ripping off.

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Anonymous zilla said...

orisue > resonance
there's like a bunch of shirts with mlk, einstein or anybody..

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

their clothing is really nice.. innovative yet stlyish...

2:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a sure believer that orisue is going far in this industry.

12:21 AM  
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