Sunday, January 29, 2006


I've been ridiculous busy the last couple of days...Sorry for not updating everyday...I did go to New York today and took some dope photos..Not about stores..But just scenery..(no homo)..haha..Busy Work Shop didn't really drop anything today..Just a few tshirts..I did pick up a fresh beanie though..I'm at my friend Doug's house right now..So I don't have my digital with me..But tomorrow ill update like Whoa...haha..That was terrible..On that note..I'm going to sleep..Goodnight


** Also..My friend Doug has some Bapes for sale that he wanted me to let you guys know about..He's got the following..**

Bapesta NYC edition: Size 9
Baby Lisa: Size 9.5
Marvel Iron Mans: Size 9


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