Tuesday, January 31, 2006

ALIEN Sample Jeans

Check out the ALIEN sample jeans...According the Quan..There will be a special Jungle Pack jean as well..Keep on the look out for more info!!

Lupe Officially Signed to RBK

That's right peoples..Last night on FNF Radio..Lupe announced he was signed to RBK..He's looking for colorway advice..So check out the HB Forum and give him good colorways!! See what you miss when you don't listen to FNF radio!! haha

Skateboarding Mag..

Thanks to Privacy on the HB forum..The Ice Cream team is featured in another magazine this time covering the C'mon Wealth signing..Now that you have a sneak peak..Buy the magazine!!..Also if you haven't picked up the vapors mag..Pick that up as well! haha..Shouts To all the ConesxBones riders..

Sole Collector 180's..

I haven't seen these before...But thanks to rudyph3r.. They were the Sole Collector 180 x Niketown Miami Event..They are green snake skin and are dope..People camped out for 7 hours for these!! Anyways..Enough talk here's the pictures..

Bape Drop..

On February 3rd 2006

Busy Work Shop SoHo will release the following

They also said they are going to release a Red G-shock watch..But everything is up in the air..People are saying its photocopied..blah blah..So for now..I'm going to leave it off of here..Info via kookies!!!

Touch The Sky Video Preview..

Missed the link on FNF Radio for the Touch the Sky Video Preview...Don't worry I got you guys covered..Check it out here..Your going to need QuickTime to view it..

ALIEN Animal Hoods

Check out my fellow ALIEN's page for an exclusive sneak peak of the new ALIEN hoodies and jeans.. The Crew

Monday, January 30, 2006

H Y P E Product...

As of January 30th 2006, the Bear that I was printing on my H Y P E Clothing will no longer be used..For all that purchased it..it is VERY VERY limited..And I thank you for your support..Towards the end of the week I will be listing what I have left over..Some people are still in the "Mid-Transaction" Process and I am waiting for their replies via Email..During the middle of the week I will post what I have left over..Thank you guys for all the support..Look for a DOPE new H Y P E Logo in the next few weeks..


Banner Of The Month

Thanks to Common1..He deigned the new H Y P E Banner...It has the theme for V-day..Better get ready guys...Vday is in two weeks..haha

If you guys want any work done by Common1 hit him up at..anthony@thegalaxyriders.com

Bape Party (Contd.)

I thought these pictures was interesting..Check out the McDonald's Chompers Nigo is wearing..Also something new I haven't seen before A Bathing Ape Brim Beanie..Pictures off of Pharrelwilliams.org

Sunday, January 29, 2006

MD Customs

So I went to the mall today and went into a magazine shop and picked up XXL with Young Jeezy on it..And I was flipping through and I saw a Bathing Ape Camo Sidekick II..My first thoughts were..What the hell is this..Have they made some kind of paint for the Sidekick II..But no I was wrong..A place called MD customs makes custom wraps..On Sidekicks..Cell phones..And iPods as well...Check out their website in the link above..They have some interesting wraps in their gallery..They're based out of NY and NJ area..Go to MD customs for more information about where to get these skins done..

Dave White Hulk Piece

Every one has seen the Dave White Spider Man Bape painting..Now he made a Hulk one..Check it out..I got the picture off Hypebeast..The Hulk painting is definitely the best yet..

H Y P E Inventory..

Ok...Like I said in a couple of posts below sorry for the not updating..But here's what I have left from the H Y P E orders..

T Shirts

All Tshirts are $28.00 USD shipped Within USA

Black: Size Small

White: Sizes Xlarge, and Small

Grey: Sizes Small, and Xlarge

Zip Sweatshirt:

All Zip Sweatshirts are $40.00 USD Shipped within USA

Grey: Size Large

H Y P E Jeans:

All Jeans are $80.00 USD shipped within the USA

Sizes: 36x32
Quantity: 2
Quantity: 1

International Please Email me so I can tell you rates..

Anyone interested please email me at




I'm posting this now..So everyone can get on FNF radio tomorrow night..All you need to do is download Winamp..(it's free)..And then go to this site..Then click..Either high or low quality and then BAM! You got FNF Radio on your computer!! Enjoy!!
**yes I know station is spelt wrong..But I don't have the original..So I can edit it**

Bape Crystal Camos...DROPPED!

That is correct..According to the HB forum..The line was HUGE and all the color camos dropped even the new Pink and White..It looked crazy in Japan..Just imagine when they drop in New York..I can picture it now..Fights galore..Better watch your backs BWS employees...Last time when the animal kingdom came out people went semi crazy..But were talking about BAPE CAMO NOW!..haha..Oh yeah..The Bape x Kaws Bendy camo dropped today at BWS NYC

Photoshoot: BWS NYC

On Friday Nigo and Pharrell were in Busy Work Shop SoHo taking photos..My guess for an upcoming magazine in Japan..They did it during peak hours so of course who ever was at Busy Work Shop was flipping out over Nigo and Rell..Just a heads up for everyone..

New Bape..

Found this on the HB forum..Even though there was magazine shots of the clothing..I want to focus more on what Nigo and that Japanese Girl is wearing..Well as you know Nigo has Rell's Cream wear on..But check out his Baby Lisa chain..Very nice..Also look at the Japanese girl..New AppexKaws shirt I see..hmm...

Pick Ups..

The only store I went to yesterday was Busy Work Shop and I got suckered into buying this beanie..I needed a new one anyway..The Shadow the Hedgehog one I got from work for free was getting played out..I was either going to get the Milo or the plain Bape beanie..I think I made the right choice..Ha


So when I went to New York yesterday I wasn't around SoHo for a while..I had to go over to Spanish Harlem to my Grandma's house..I snapped a few pictures for your enjoyment..haha..They would make good background picture on your computer...Maybe..haha..

Chinese New Years..

Kung Hei Fat Choy...Yes and for those non-Chinese people that means Happy New Years..I know I celebrated my New Years yesterday in New York with my Family..Every year..We go over or they come down to my house and we eat a home cooked meal that my grandma makes up..We also exchange red envelopes..The red envelopes contain money..So for all my Asian friends Kung Hei Fat Choy! Here are some pictures of the celebration!


I've been ridiculous busy the last couple of days...Sorry for not updating everyday...I did go to New York today and took some dope photos..Not about stores..But just scenery..(no homo)..haha..Busy Work Shop didn't really drop anything today..Just a few tshirts..I did pick up a fresh beanie though..I'm at my friend Doug's house right now..So I don't have my digital with me..But tomorrow ill update like Whoa...haha..That was terrible..On that note..I'm going to sleep..Goodnight


** Also..My friend Doug has some Bapes for sale that he wanted me to let you guys know about..He's got the following..**

Bapesta NYC edition: Size 9
Baby Lisa: Size 9.5
Marvel Iron Mans: Size 9

Saturday, January 28, 2006

New Bape Jeans..

I've been a fan of Ace Web for a while now..Anyways this post isn't about Ace Web..I just wanted to give them big ups for giving quality and always stocking with new products..haha I'm just ranting tonight..Anyways..Check out the new Bape jeans on Ace..Quality you might ask..I think not..The new Bape jeans look TERRIBLE...The prints are off..On some of the jeans half the P or the A is missing and continuing on the other side..Be the judge yourself...Personally I don't think the new Bape jeans are .."Hot"..Or "Fresh"..$280.00 for messed up screen printing..I'll pass..I'd rather rock those H Y P E jeans..Who makes those again!?!..hahaha

Friday, January 27, 2006

Defining Moments Package..

Some of my boys already got their DMP already...Take a look at the pictures..I second thought about camping out..But then realized I don't want to catch a bad cold haha..Some people are offering them $550.00! Cot Dam!! Here's some early pictures..The pack drops tomorrow..Good Luck Campers!!

Bape Credit Cards

Looks like the Bape credit cards are finally getting sent out..Even though The Locust had his for awhile..I don't know how...Sneaky kid..Haha..Anyways here's the picture from Kookies..Looks like it comes in a Bape certified envelope as well..

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Nigo has been spotted in my town...haha..nah..This really isn't Nigo..But it is my good friend Doug..One day we went out some where and he was rockin' an all black beanie..And I was like..woah..Holy Nigo..At the time he wasn't a big Bape head..And I showed him a picture on my Sidekick..And he's like.."What that doesn't look like me"..And ever since then its stuck with him..You be the judge now..Is this Nigo? Or a fake! Haha

H Y P E Jeans and Tee's

I promised you by 8PM I would have the samples of the H Y P E Jeans and T shirts..Here you guys go...If your interested in buying some these are the sizes I have


The H Y P E jeans are very very limited..And only 4 are in existence..They feature H Y P E on the inside waste of the jean..And the two bears on the back pockets..

Retail: $75.00

Sizes:36x32/Quantity: 2
Size: 34x32/ Quantity: 1 SOLD!
Size: 32x32/ Quantity: 1

T shirts:

The Tshirts are very limited as well..It features the Bear dead smack in the middle with H Y P E arched on the back collar..

Retail: $28.00 Shipped in the USA

Color: Black
Sizes/Quantity: Small/1
Sizes/ Quantity: Large/ 1

Color: Grey
Sizes/ Quantity: Small/ 1
Sizes/ Quantity: Large/ 1 SOLD!
Sizes/ Quantity: Xlarge/ 1
Sizes/ Quantity: 3XL/ 1 SOLD!

Color: White
Sizes/ Quantity: Small/1
Sizes/ Quantity: Large/1 SOLD!
Sizes/ Quantity: X large/1 SOLD!
For purchases please email me at

A Bathing Ape Party..

Dam!..I missed a good party! haha..I wasn't aloud to go due to school..It sucks anyways..Check my fellow ALIEN's out...My boy Steve got in a shot with Nigo and Rell...Looks like the party was a blast! Check ou the pics here!!

Drum Roll Please...

So I purposely didn't do any updates today so EVERYONE can enter and see the post about the crew neck contest..I received a ton of emails..And the winner is...

Jimmy Baker...

Please send me your address via email...So I can ship your crew..

thanks for everyone who entered..

and check out the blog tomorrow around 8 pm eastern time to see the latest H Y P E Clothing!!..Its a real shocker people!!!
Also I will continue tomorrow with regular updates..
Thanks to everyone for the support!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

1 Month Give Away Repost

**For those who missed this post**

Its been a month today..And since everyone has been so supportive of the site I am going to do a little giveaway..All you have to do is answer 5 simple questions..And whoever get them right will be put in a hat..And pulled out..The prize will be a H Y P E crew neck size large in blue..Only 3 crew necks were made..United States only...Due to shipping charges..However if you'd like to participate out of the United States and don't mind paying for shipping ill be down to send the free crew neck..

1. What exact day did Hypebeast start..

2. What does C to the J L stand for?

3. Who is the founder of Hypebeast?

4. What's the name of my clothing line?

5. Which Ice Cream team rider am I tight with?

Please send all answers to


The contest will end on January 25th at midnight..

Good Luck!!!!

Sneaker Game...Part 3...

So its a slow night and there's not that much info going on..on the internet..(weird phrase?? haha)..So lets get back into my "New to the Sneaker Game" Posts..Tonight we have special guest The Locust..From the HB Forum..The topic will be how the internet has affected the sneaker culture and more..Well lets get started..Shall we?

Chris: You can basically find anything on the internet..Clothing..To shoes..To magazines..To porn..You name it..The internet has it...Without the internet today..Myself..And everyone else who reads my blog or orders things off the internet wouldn't be here..Look at all the blog sites that are out..Some of my favorites are Hypebeast..SlamxHype..High Snob..And of course my own Blog..Each of these sites tell you what's coming out or where to get the following things..It makes it 100 times easier for you to find what you need..Instead of searching on Yahoo! Or Google..Without all the sites above the sneaker culture wouldn't be what it is today..Look at it this way..Its free advertisement for all the companies they post about..Lets not forget about eBay..People sell the shoes sometimes for 3 times the retail..It's all about supply and demand..And how rare and "exclusive" the product is...So next time you open up your internet and go onto one of these blogs..Just think what it would be like without them..Where would you turn to?

The Locust: Well that's a double edge sword; here we have the possibility to buy almost any pair of shoe or article of clothing you have ever wanted, regardless of age, rarity, and exclusivity. But on the otherside, the "thrill" of having rare stuff is drastically lowered. What was once exclusive to Japan or US can now be easily bought online from many "resellers." For the most part the internet plays a vital role to the distribution of what people want and most people will say it's a godsend, but I suppose it's depending on the person. Of course people on the other hand hate the idea of internet distribution because resellers jack the price up sometimes 15x fold. This seems,along the surface, like they are "taking advantage" of people, but many people live by the rule that "if you really wanted it so badly,you'll find a way to get it," and in the long run it's true.

Hawk and Hunter Sneaker Website

Check out this new Sneaker site.. Its called Hawk and Hunter..They carry the following shoes, Nike, Nike SB, Adidas and Reebok to New Balance and A Bathing Ape...Looking for those hard to get or shoes you didn't want to camp out for..Go here!

T-Shirt Brand Of The Week Part 2..

So last week I showed everyone SB Wear..But now I wanna take you to a whole another type of style/concept..If you haven't read the interview I did with Orisue..Then scroll down now!..nah..But Orisue's designs are solid and he definitely knows what he's doing..Check them out at the Magic Show next month!!!

Free Gifts from Taiwan "Smart Max"

Concept is the best online newsletter in my opinion..Taiwan "Smart Max" is giving away free Willy P Mousepads..I remember seeing something a while ago about how Rell's album cover was going to be different cartoons of him..Could these be the figures? We shall see!!

BBC/Ice Cream Update

I recently got this email and sure you all have too..BBC/Ice Cream has recently restocked on some diamond dollar zipups and pullover hoodies...They're going fast so better order now!!!

They are also the only place to get extra smalls and smalls for the ladies..

Bape Wallpapers

Thanks to The Locust and Jmoney..You guys can now have two sick Bape wallpapers..Here you guys go! Dont for get to set it as tile on your backround for the "full camo look" haha
**If you want more wallpapers besides these DUM has found some more..click here for more**

Monday, January 23, 2006

Banner Design

Shout to Mike from Pros&Cons for the "Bear Camo" Banner..Thanks man..

FNF Radio Tonight

Its on now...Download Winamp..And Click this link..NOW!!!

Teriyaki Boyz Jackets

Thanks to sulfuric..he has found that Bape has Teriyaki Boyz Jackets..Question is will these be released?? Check out You Tube for the whole video..and better pictures of the jackets..
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