Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Years!!!

Just wanted to say Happy New Years to Everyone..And hopefully your going to be safe tonight! There's lots in store for my blog..Hopefully sometime next year making it a domain! What do you all think I need the feedback of this below..Thanks!!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Ice Cream x Goyard Bag Series

Hot off the press..From Concept Shop..Looks like Ice Cream is getting their hands on everything they can..Introducing Ice Cream x Goyard Bags..Now you can carry your PSP with Skateboarding Style!! haha...Check out the pics above you pretty much get the jist of everything..The collab consists of...Wallets..Hand bag wallets (for females)..PSP cases..And a purse..The bottom PSP case looks like a PSP traveling case..hmm..
**These were specially made for Nigo and will not be released..Sorry for the confusion**

Camo Knitted Scarf

My mom's really big on knitting..So I told her to knit me a similar looking scarf that will match my bape camo in red...And this is the result...Its sorta close..But hey its warm as hell..And fits perfect..What do you guys think? She's nice with the needles...If you guys are interested in her work..She can pretty much make ANYTHING..And she wont charge that much $$$..Shoot an email over or contact me via AIM

AIM: C to the J L

Bape x Kaws Non Patents

I woke up around 9:30 to go to NYC..I went with a couple of friends and met up with Steve and Justin...I went over to Bape to visit Lacole and say what's up...I swear every time I go into BWS I always have to buy something its terrible..I came out with the shoes above...The Bape x Kaws Non Patents..They only had to come out a little while ago..Because the camo print isn't too old. Thanks to Leo for getting them out of the basement for me..Anyways..They didn't have much..Just some t shirts..And some sweatshirts...I think a sweatshirt is dropping tomorrow but I'm not sure..It is Saturday tomorrow..And they usually drop clothing. Maybe they'll do something special since its the last Saturday this year!

Thomas x Lupe

Haha I found this on the forum thanks to Common1...Its funny as hell..Its this Asian guy named Thomas doing a voice over on one of Lupe's song "And He Gets the Girl"..Check it out here

Thursday, December 29, 2005

A long time ago when I was on 5th I remember a certain person posting about their clothing company called !NV@$!ON.. Everyone put his clothing line on blast..But now he's showing everyone what's become of !NV@$!ON.. Personally I thought his clothing was dope back when I seen it..But you know how haters are anyways if you want to make your own shirts check out his shirt maker.. Then all you have to do is order from right there...If not check out what is expected from this dope clothing company on the Hypebeast Forum..

Ice Cream Skate Shoe

I Scream..You Scream..We all Scream for Ice Cream!!! thats right the new Ice Cream skate shoes have rose up from the depths of the internet and now are on Hypebeast..Kick-Fiend..Kicksaholic..and now My Blog! Im not sure about these shoes though..they remind me of the Nike SB FC's..and we all know how those..went.........haha anyways..the colorways look dope and should drop sometime in March/April..When i went to the RBK store in Philly they said Feb/March..maybe they got pushed not sure..but they sure dont look like they're going to hold up when you skate! Here are some more pics of the shoes!




Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Other People On the Blog

Just to let everyone know..There's different people on this Blog not just me..But I post most of the stuff...There's Jeremy from Hypebeast and..Siah from Hypebeast as well....So look to see who posts..Because sometimes its not me..

All The Colors Of The Rainbow

wow...I thought the bape camo colors would stop at..Red..Blue..Green..And Purple..But I guess not...Found this on Concept Shop...Pink camo seems to be coming out very soon! Kind reminds me of Lucky Charms...What's your take?

My Christmas

So I didn't really get anything for Christmas, the usual for an Asian kid some money. So my birthdays coming up soon January 1st erm hope I get some presents or more money haha.

Busy Work Shop NYC 2nd Camo Hoodie Release

ok peoples..Just posted on hypebeast..Now its time for the blog update...hehe...Everything has been rumored about the Bape 2nd Camo hoodies..For those of you that don't know..The colors were Red..Blue..Green..And the almighty Purple. (which wasn't for sale at bws today) People had started to line up Monday night..But were sent home because the hoodies were going to be raffled off and it didn't matter where you stood in line..

Back on topic..I got ticket number 19...And was called within 10 minutes of the store opening..The ticket above is my friends..Obviously he didn't get in if I still have it..sucka..haha just kidding...As soon as my number was called I walked into the store and was greeted by the manager who gave me a red hoodie..

they only had sizes smalls! Which is terrible because I wear a size large...But I bought it anyways..To see if it would fit..Well it doesn't..I look emo..And well..That's just not good for anyone..So I bought the red camo..And now I'm stuck with a 300 dollar hoodie that doesn't fit..Someone offered me $700.00 for it..But a lot of people are asking so I threw it up on eBay..I HATE to be the "reseller" but there's no chance in hell I'm getting someone to trade me a Large for a Small..Oh well overall it was a fun time..

if anyone wants to buy this..Drop me and email or hit me up on aim

AIM: C to the J L

Ohhh I Think They Nike

I was surfin' the hypebeast forum and I came across this shirt..I thought it was hilarious...Its from a clothing company called NYour Mind...heres a brief introduction..

"Rooted in deep NYC traditions, NYourminD is clothing for what is inside. Clothing from a NYmind. To start the new year off right, they have blessed us with this promotional tee remixing the oh so catchy tune of "Oh I Think They Like", to "Oh I Think They Nike". Trust , that Nike collectors will be gobbling this tee shirt up. Only made in XL and in a LIMITED number of 10 shirts."

Hoovvvvaaaa!! If you want the shirts they're 25.00 shipped..
Email if you want one...

The Ship Has Landed!!!

That's right you guys! Coming to you hard from outer space! Check out this dope polo I got today... The design is crazy its all hand drawn...Watch out for A.L.I.E.N coming very very soon..! Jus wanna shout out to Steve and Lacole...Thanks guys!

Straight From Sneaker Game Dot Com

Sooo I sent Rob from Sneaker Game..A dope Obey poster and he sent me a Skumbo Doll from Kid Robot...I'm not really into toys..But this doll is ill..Makes me want to go to Kid Robot and buy more..haha..Also don't mind my dog in the picture..I just wanted to see what her reaction would be to the doll..But shes too lazy and is sleeping..Ha.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Raffle Raffle Raffle

Well...I was the lucky number 19...haha..Anyways..I went to the city today to chill with my boy Steve from ALIEN..And we hit up bws for fun..And we found out the camo's were dropping! So..We got inline...I got a ticket...And I was bout 8th called..I walked in..They only had smalls!...The manager Leo threw me a small red camo hoodie...I figured it would fit...But it doesn't..So IM forced to sell because theres no way IM going to get a large..Anyways..Someone offered me $700.00! I was like..Wow..That's insane..So I threw it up on eBay to make it fair to everyone..heres the link if you wanna buy it! Also ill have pics from the line at bws later on..Check back for more pics!

C to the J L's 2nd Bape Camo Hoodie

Thanks To Everyone

I would just like to say thank you for the support everyone from hypebeast and from all the people that visited my blog so far..Almost 200 hits within 24 hours..Not bad at all...Check back for more exclusive news about 2nd Bape Camos...The new TK Ice Cream shoe...And secret news..haha thanks again!

2nd Bape Camo Full Zips

Ok peoples! Everyone is going nuts over this hoodie..And I have some exclusive news for you guys...They hoodies are dropping some day this week...IM not sure when..But def. This week...If all goes well I should get mine..hehe..Anyways..As soon as I get mines ill have pics up for you guys! Good luck if your camping! Bring some warm blankets its gunna be a cold one! Oh yeah got the pics off Concept Shop!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

What Really Happened To Dave Chappelle

My buddy Rob from Sneaker Game had emailed this to me..I thought it was rather interesting..It tells you "What really happened to Dave Chappelle" With his life..His TV show..And a bunch of other things. As you know it is a theory..So don't go on and believing this is all true..Its a pretty long read...So choose wisely..I thought it was interesting..Maybe you will too...
haha I got too caught up in writing I forgot to post the link sorry guys...thanks Locust...Here you go! Chappelle Story

Bape ORANGE Shark Hoodie

So in the post before, I thought they came out with a pink shark hoodie..It was actually ORANGE..haha my mistake...But supposivly this hoodie was unreleased..So how did he get it hmm...Something fishy..Or did it release in Japan?? Anyways..heres picture from Kookies with Nigo rockin' the orange shark hoodie and his "Cino De Mayo" Bapes

Why Do I Have The Best Girlfriend Ever...

As the title reads, I got the best Christmas presents yet...So my girlfriend and I decided not to surprise eachother with gifts for Xmas because we would profile pick out things we wouldn't like....So we made eachother lists...I gave her mine..shes gave me hers..Keep in mind this is back before Thanksgiving..Anyways..I totally forgot what was on the list and when I opened my presents up tonight from her I was surprised with A NJ Fitted hat and a Sneaker Freaker book! I looked at her..And I was'd you know to get this for me..And she replied "It was on the list" To make a long story short..I totally forgot what I had put on my list for her..And got an awesome Christmas gifts from her...Thanks babe..Love you..

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Everythings Sleeker In Black

I went to my aunts yesterday for Xmas Eve and every year we exchange presents...And they get to open some of theirs..And my cousin got the black iPod Nano...Let me tell you....COT DAM! That thing is hot!...My other cousin got the white one..And I was like..ehh it's been done..haha..nah but for real..The black one is sick...IM even thinkin about buying myself a late xmas present..The 30gb black iPod..hehe...But...I think black makes things look sleeker..For example..The black Razr..That phone is sick too...But when you look at it in silver..Its only...ehh the Razr...I hope they stop making things in color or else IM going to be pretty broke soon..

Bape Pink Shark Hoodie!?!?!

Well, Merry Xmas everyone..I got everything I wanted! Hope you guys did too..Anyways...So I got a little $$ to spend..And I went on eBay...To look for my Chompers I want so badly and came across this...A Bathing Ape Pink Shark Hoodie..Now you tell me..Is this fake or what?? Its at $750.00! The thing that gets me is that he's selling Marvels and Chompers as well...Is this fake..Or is this limited as hell you decide!

Versus Magazine

Versus Magazine is an independent magazine straight outta Cali..The kind people at Versus sent me over a few mags. For an independent magazine...It rocked! It had interviews with Huf tons a photos and just a great overall layout...Check them out on myspace!

Varsity Jackets

Soo...Recently I've been noticing that a lot of the companies that are out are coming out with varsity jackets..For example..LRG..BAPE..Ice Cream...BBC..Neighborhood...Etc..Whets the deal with this? Is it because they didn't get one in Highschool? haha..nah I think they're dope though..I went to my local mall..And saw the LRG one...Its dope..I cant deny it...Maybe in the future ill buy one..But the price$ are steep!

Cell Phones

For those of you who don't know who I am IM jeremy aka kidd_the_baller on iss. So lately I've realized how much times changed especially cell phones, I mean back when I used to live in Oregon not that many people had a cell phone until I moved down to cali in 2003 when cell phones really started to blossom from this old school nokia phone to phones that can take pictures and make videos.

It's funny how the fashion world has made its way into the cell phone world. The Retail Mafia did a small collab with Boost Mobile and made numerous amounts of phones. Also, Recon did a special RAZR phone. And as you all know A Bathing Ape has even dipped its hand into cell phones by making covers and things like that..What will they think of next?

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday! Hopefully everyone got what they wanted from Santa!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Custom Made BBC Shirt


So the last post was kind of harsh, so let me loosen the mood up a bit, I was surfing eBay for BBC stuff and I came across this "Custom Made BBC T-shirt" I thought it was funny..Hopefully you do too..It actually looks like the person went to rag shop bought jewelry beads and glued them onto the shirt..From a far it looks real..But close up you can tell its fake..The Swavorski Crystals are smaller and the fake ones..Just look like beads that cost 99c..Don't be fooled by fakes peoples!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Nike SB At It's Finest

Sooo its around 11:00 pm on a Friday night, my girlfriend just left, im feeling a little better and hey Christmas is almost here. So let me Share the Holiday spirit with you all. Ok. Soo when I first got into the shoe game the first pair of shoes I saw was the Nike Dunk SB Takashi.. The black and gold was killer such a great combo. I went to my local SB dealer and bought them for $85.00...yes people...$85.00..keep in mind im only 13 at the time and NO ONE knew about Nike SB's. Then I realized Nike SB is like Pokemon..You gotta catch...Well really "gotta have em all." I worked at a skateshop (that didn't carry Nike SB) and had money to play around with. So my next buy was Futura's. Which I bought for $115.00...that retail now for over $400.00 these days. I then realized that the price for Nike SB had been going up, not a dramatic amount, but enough that caught my eye. Before the Nike SB craze, I would check out ebay for any, at the time only 3 pages shown up for "Nike Dunk SB." Now if you goin on eBay its over 40 pages or so. Anyways...Back on topic...My point is..SB..What does this stand for you might say? Well let me tell you half the people that buy them..Have no idea! Why is this? Because they are sneakerheads and just go with what's hot...And what's "fresh" these days. SB stands for Skate Boarding, that's what these shoes are "supposed" to be made for. But you tell me how can they be when they have some cool graphic like the pushead dunks. Or the Banker Series..How can you skate patent leather? It would rip up terrible. Ive skated dunks before...They don't last...They rip up so easy and its just a big mess. Nike definitely changed the ways of skateboarding in a bad way...They've turned skaters off to their brand and are making "limited" shoes...Why should they be limited if they are SKATE SHOES!! sheesh...Anyways...I got the tip off from someone that Nike SB is taking a big hit...And is spiraling into a downfall..So come next year...SB prices are going to be in the range of $150-$200 and above for the "limited releases" and the GR (General Release) dunks are going to be around $115-$120 area. So fellow friends and sneaker heads..What do you all think of this??

Who Said Girls Can't Do Customs

Going to BWS 1 year..I met some dope people and one person I met was Alex James. Well let me tell you Alex is one lucky man. Why do you ask? Well maybe because his Girlfriend Kate Harden. Kate Harden did a live painting at sneaker pimps, and is in the new Sneaker Freaker. Check out her work Here. Kate and Alex will be moving to LA soon to expand her work in the So-Cal Area. Look out for Kate Harden..She's movvvin on upp!

Moon Man Stickers

When I opened all my BBC/Ice Cream clothing, I happened to notice that there was Moon men Stickers between the spaceship. Many of you may know this already but for those of you that don't DON'T THROW AWAY THE SPACE SHIP!

Being sick is terrible...

So I've been sick for the last 4 days...On Tuesday I woke up with my throat the size of a golf ball...And I went to school drugged up on cough medicine and all that good stuff..I had about 30 cough drops in my sweatshirt pocket so I would die from coughing..haha.. Anyways..I stayed home Wednesday from school just caz I felt like shit...And Thursday...And last night I woke up in the middle of the night coughing non stop almost outta breathe ready to pass out...But hey..Things could be worst...And I made this sick blog for hypebeast crew members..Where they can talk about their lives and all that fun stuff...Peace

A Leauge in Every Nation

A Leauge in Every Nation...aka ALIEN...Is set to release early next year!! I have a lot of faith in the brand, their designs and the schemes behind it is truly amazing. Not only is it a brand, they have thought behind every design. Check back for more info!

Bape 2006 Catalog

I got a sneak peak of the Bape 06 Catalog thanks to a fellow hypebeast member..And so far nothing is catching my eye..Everything jus seems to be replayed...Like the jeans...Its just a different design on the crotch area..And the camo is just a different design or logo...C'mon BAPE!

Sneaker Game

Sooo I was checking out my daily internet sites and came across that Sneaker Game has been updated. Not only do they have a new main page, they also feature a bunch of updates from Gaberiel Urist, Josh Wisdumb, and many more. They also have the Limited Josh Wisdumb NB t-shirt. Also while your on the site don't forget to check out their weekly podcast aka Weekly drop!

Bureau Clothing Company

Thanks to the good people at Bureau Clothing company they sent me a sample t-shirt it looks good to me, I've seen some of their next years line and it looks awsome. Check out their website

Straight From Neptune ATL...

As the title reads...well more like Standard ATL this in the mail just in time for xmas thanks Farshad!! I owe you one! Quaters Nickles and Dimes!! hahaha

Fape Hoodies..

So its almost 2AM in New Jersey and I'm sick as hell and can't sleep, anyone wanna ship me some cough medicine? Anyways, I was surfing on eBay and came across a bunch of fape hoodies. Not only are they fake, they look terrible! If you have the talent to make these fape hoodies, why not start your own brand! shheesh...

Hypebeast Figures!?!

Since Hypebeast is on Myspace, I decided to give it a new picture...Could these be the new Hypebeast shirts everyone wants to see??? Check back to find out!
While your on Myspace, add me!
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